Know Your Holds

Ron Farrar (Ace Sports Promotions)

The Folding Body Press

The folding body press is a favourite way of obtaining a fall. For a fall to be declared it is required to hold the opponent's shoulders flat on the floor of the mat for the duration of a count of three by the referee. There are a variety of ways to get the opponent into the position whereby a hold can be applied and the winning count be obtained. A usual way is the double leg take-down where one seizes the opponent by the legs and takes them down to the mat. In which case it is then possible to pull the opponent's legs over, thereby folding their body and by the use of one's own legs over their shoulders to get them into a position where they cannot break out. This is illustrated well in photo one, showing Lady Satan applying the hold to the hapless Jackie McCann. Another variation is shown on photo two, where Lady Satan is again shown taking a second and winning fall over Miss McCann with the same hold but this time shown applied differently. In this case Lady Satan is simply using her weight over the back of Miss McCann on folding her body forward in such a way that Miss McCann is unable to force her soldiers off the mat and thus avoid being counted.

Another and popular way to get the opponent into the hold is by a reverse arm stretch. Seated on the mat with the opponent laid full out in front of one, take the arms and begin a reverse stretch. Many opponents will then try and kick out of the stretch, the aim then must be to be fast enough to catch their flaying legs and fold them over using one's own legs as the pinning weight to ensure that they are unable to break out of the hold. This is best illustrated in photo three which shows Lady Satan once again this time trapping Lynne Stevens for the dreaded count of three.