Know Your Holds

Ron Farrar (Ace Sports Promotions)

The Cross Press

The cross press is the most popular form of obtaining a pin.

The aim is to hold down the opponent with both shoulders touching the mat for an unbroken count of three seconds.

There are numerous holds and moves that lead to the opponent being in a position to be pinned. The flying cross press is effected by a flying move across the opponent's chest and taking them down to the mat whilst retaining the position across the chest. The rules require that any move starting from a standing position must be unbroken for a cross press pin to be legitimate. The aim of the move is to position one's weight across the upper body of the downed opponent so as to immobilise them for the required count.

In the illustration above, Lady Satan is about to complete the move across the upper body of Angel Blue following a standing take down. The detail of Angel Blue's face is shown below:

Here the completion of the move is illustrated at its best. Jane Campbell is perfectly positioned so as to hold down Sue Brittain for a count of one hundred were this required.

The move completed. Lady Dawn, shouting in triumph, rises from a well beaten Sue Brittain.