Wrestling Fun

This is a subset of book I produced in the early 1990s called Wrestling Fun, concerning mixed wrestling for erotic enjoyment. It is a compendium of a newsletter I produced over the space of about a year. It was my original intention to try and match men and women who got erotic enjoyment from the sport of wrestling, but regretfully I eventually discovered that although many men seek women who will wrestle them there are very few women who get enjoyment from this activity.

I have yet to discover an academic reason why evolution has produced this asymmetrical result.

Much of the book concerns female vs female wrestling, as there is much of this material about, although there are some articles on mixed wrestling.

I would urge young men interested in this subject to realise that anyone reading about it persistently could get to the point that nothing else will suffice. It is very difficult, verging on the impossible in fact, to get a female life time partner who will cooperate, as there is usually nothing in it for the woman. The only way you will get a woman to wrestle is to pay her, and many may find this demeaning for themselves or for the woman.

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