I began casting so I could make aesthetic rivets and fittings for my armor, but never did. Instead I recreated things like buttons, medieval coins, a medallion of my charge and jewelry. I use a basic sand (Delft clay really) casting set-up with a standard (4-3/8" x 3 x 2-1/8") cast-iron flask and two custom made aluminum round ring sets (one 2-1/2" diameter by 1-5/8" deep and the other 2" deep). Needle and mini-needle file sets along with a mass of dental tools round out the sculpting tools I use.

German Esterlin     (Original)               (Casting)

(2 Originals)      Belt Casing Links     (2 Castings)

English Groat (Original)        (Casting)   

(Casting)      Turkish Thumb Ring      (Original)

Medallion of My Charge (History Layout)
Latest Charge Medallion                    Coral Branch

Currently I am working on recreating a bronze Turkish thumb ring used by archers in Period. This will involve match carving the surface just out of view on the image above due to oxidation and wear. After completing the recreation, I intend to make a copy sized to my hand for actual use.
     More research will be preformed to narrow the period this artifact was used for the sake of knowledge as well as to enter the work into a future A&S (arts and sciences) competition.


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