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     As my interest in armor increased, so did my collection of reference books and articles.  I am always looking for books on armor, siege weapons and 14th Century male garb (particularly German) with good period references. Recommendations are always welcomed!


  1. A Glossary of the Construction Decoration and Use of Arms and Armor in All Countries and in All Times Together with Some Closely Related Subjects by George Cameron Stone.

  2. Armor by Christopher Chant

  3. Armor From Ancient to Modern Times by Peter Klucina

  4. Armor from the Battle of Wisby: 1361 by Bengt Thordeman

  5. Armor and Weapons by Paul Martin

  6. Arms & Armor by Vesey Norman

  7. Arms & Armor – A Pictorial Archive from 19th Century Sources by Grafton

  8. Arms & Armor – Art Institute of Chicago by Bulfinch

  9. Arms & Armor – Cleveland Museum of Art by Stephen N. Fliegel

  10. Arms and Armor: Essays by Stephen V. Grancsay

  11. Arms and Armor: From the Permanent Collection (Metropolitan Museum Of Art) by Helmut Nickel

  12. Arms and Armor in Antiquity and the Middle Ages by Charles Boutell (1996)

  13. Arms and Armour in England By Sir Lames Mann, K.C.V.O., Master of the Armouries, HMSO, Reprint 1961.

  14. Arms & Armor of the Medieval Knight by David Edge (Saturn Books)

  15. Arms and Armour of the Crusading Era, 1050-1350: Western Europe and the Crusader States by David Nicolle

  16. Brass Rubbings: by Victoria and Albert Museum – HMSO

  17. Brass Rubbings Catalogue by Anne Davies

  18. Brasses and Brass Rubbings by Clare Grittings

  19. Eisenkleider, Berlin Historical museum, Unter den Linden, March-June 1992

  20. European Armor, Circa 1066 - Circa 1700 by Claude Blair

  21. European Arms & Armor by Charles Ashdown

  22. Eye Whiteness: Arms & Armor by Michele Byam

  23. Guidebook to The Tower of London; Ministry of Public Building and Works Guide-Book by HMSO 1967 / Tillotsons (Bolton) Ltd.

  24. Knights by Andrea Hopkins

  25. Knights at Tournament by Christopher Gravett

  26. Knight Hospitaller: 1100-1306 (Warrior, 33) by David Nicolle & Christa Hook

  27. Knight Hospitaller (2): 1306-1565 (Warrior, 41) by David Nicolle & Christa Hook

  28. Knights of the Crusades by Jay Williams

  29. Le Armi Del Museo Stibbert (The Armor of the Stibbert Museum - copywrite 2000)

  30. Living History: Knights in Armor by Gulliver Books

  31. Men at Arms Series: #166; German Medieval Armies 1300-1500

  32. Medieval Warfare Source Book, Volume 1 & 2; Warfare in Western Christendom by David Nicolle (Brockhapmton/Arms & Armour, London, UK)

  33. Men at Arms Series: #310; German Medieval Armies 1000-1300

  34. Medieval Military Costume (Europa Militaria Special, 8) by Gerry Embleton

  35. Medieval Military Dress, 1066-1500 (Blandford Colour Series) by Christopher Rothero

  36. On the Brass of Sir Hugh Hastings in Elsing Church, Norfolk by Albert Hartshorne, Esq. F.S.A.

  37. Selections from the Hammer: Part 2 by The Compleat Anachronist, Nov 1982 – ASXVII – 3

  38. Sword Belts - Archæological Journal, XLVIII, 320-340 by Albert Hartshorne, Esq. F.S.A.

  39. Techniques of Medieval Armor Reproduction – The 14thCentury by Price

  40. The Armorer and his Craft: from the XIth to the XVIth Century by Ffoulkes

  41. The Book of the Medieval Knight by Stephen Trunbull

  42. The Book of Medieval Wargames by Nicholas Slope

  43. The Marshall Cavendish Guide to Armor by Christopher Chant

  44. The Medieval Knight at War by Brooks Robards

  45. The Mediaeval Tournament by Clephan, R. Coltman

  46. The Museum of Historical Arms: Catalog No. 22, 24, 28, 34 36, 38, 42, 47, 52 & 56

  47. The Reign of Chivalry by Richard Barber

  48. Tournaments by Richard Barber & Juliet Barker

  49. Treasures from the Tower of London: Arms and Armour exhibition catalog, pub by University of East Anglia, 1982  


Casting: (Artifact References)

  1. An Illustrated History of British Coinage Compiled By The Royal Mint Coin Club
  2. Antiker Schmuck By Hallwag, Bern und Stuttgart
  3. Benet's Artifacts of England and the United Kingdom Compiled By Paul G. Murawski
  4. Celtic and Roman Artifacts By Nigel Mills
  5. Medieval Artifacts By Nigel Mills
  6. Reading Medieval Coins By Ralph S. Walker



  1. Dress Accessories 1150-1450 by Geoff Egan & Frances Pritchard (Medieval Finds from Excavations in London #3 by Museum of London)
  2. Fashion in the Age of the Black Prince by Stella Mary Newton
  3. Medieval Costume and Fashion by Herbert Norris
  4. Shoes and Pattens by Francis Grew & Margrethe de Neergaard (Medieval Finds from Excavations in London #2 by Museum of London)
  5. Textiles and Clothing 1150-1450 by Elisabeth Crowfoot, Frances Pritchard & Kay Staniland (Medieval Finds from Excavations in London #4 by Museum of London)



  1. A History of Invention: From stone Axes to Silicon Chips (Revised Edition) by Trevor I. Williams

  2. Brassey's Book of the Crusades by David Miller

  3. Discovering Timber-Framed Buildings by Richard Harris

  4. Engineering in the Ancient World by J.G. Landels

  5. Historical Atlas of the Medieval World: AD 600-1492 by John Haywood

  6. History of Medieval Life: A Guide to Life From 1000-1500 AD by David Nicolle

  7. Illuminated Books of the Middle Ages by Robert G. Calkins

  8. Illuminated Manuscripts; Treasures of the Pierpoint Morgan Library in New York by Abbeville Press

  9. Leather in Life, Art and Industry by John W. Waterer RDI

  10. Life in the Castle in Medieval England by John Burke

  11. Life in the Middle Ages by Robert Delort, Translated by Robrt Allen

  12. Manuscript Painting at the Court of France by George Braziller

  13. Medieval Pagent by Bryan Homle

  14. October 1969 Bulletin The Metropolitan Museum of Art

  15. Royal Panoply: Brief Lives of the English Monarchs by Carolly Erickson

  16. Technology in the Ancient World by Henry Hodges

  17. The Age of Faith by Anne Fremantle (Great Ages of Man series - Time Life Books)

  18. The Art of Blacksmithing by Alex Bealer

  19. The Atlas of Medieval Man by Colin Platt

  20. The Complete Metalsmith by Tim McCreight

  21. What life was Like: In the Age of Chivalry (Medieval Europe AD 800-1500) by Time Life Books


Siege Engines:

  1. Greek and Roman Siege Machinery 399 Bc-Ad 363 (New Vanguard) by Duncan B. Campbell

  2. The Crossbow; Medieval and Modern Military and Sporting, Its Construction, History & Management by Sir Ralph Payne-Gallway BT

  3. The Invention of the Counterweight Trebuchet: A Study in Cultural Diffusion by Paul E. Chevedden; Dumberton Oaks Papers 54, 2000, pp.71-116

  4. Medieval Siege Warfare (Elite, 28) by Christopher Gravett, Osprey Publishing

  5. Medieval Siege Weapons: Western Europe Ad 585-1385 (New Vanguard, 58) by David Nicolle, Osprey Publishing

  6. Siege Weapons of the Far East (1) Ad 612-1300 (New Vanguard, 43) by Stephen Turnbull, Osprey Publishing

  7. Siegecraft: Two Tenth-Century Instructional Manualsby "Heron of Byzantium" Denis F. Sullivan; Dumberton Oaks Studies 36, 2000

  8. Springaulds and Great Crossbows by Jean Liebel



  1. The Archaeology of Weapons By R. Ewart Oakeshott

  2. Knives and Scabbards by J. Cowgill, M. De Neergaard, N. Griffiths, Margrethe De Neergaard, Francis Grew (Medieval Finds from Excavations in London #1 by Museum of London)




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