This portion of the web site is devoted to a brief synopsis of how I came to be a member of the Society of Creative Anachronisms.

One day my wife stumbled across some old medieval costumes while moving into our new house. She asked what they were, so I explained I once wore them at the renaissance festivals. In the conversation that followed, I learned that she had been interested in going quite sometime, but never got around to locating one. I got on the computer, searched for a local festival and found one along with a group called the SCA.

The next Faire season, we picked up some garb for her, I donned mine and off we went. I was soon reminded how fun it was while she discovered it for the first time. We quickly decided we needed to have the medieval experience year round. We contacted the Chatelaine of the SCA's local canton and learned of the next couple of near by events. After attending a few, we were hooked. That was 1997.

Over our time in the SCA, my wife and I have developed several interests and trade skills. This site is devoted to the skills I have acquired which help to build my persona... and a few that don't, but do still relate to the medieval theme.

     My persona is Belagerung Meister Wolfram von Taus, a 14th Century Germanic tradesman and master of siege craft currently traveled to the libraries of England and France within the Society of Creative Anachronisms.


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