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Wynn Properties Apartments

Apartment Disrepair Pictures

Pot grow-op high above Parkdale, Mar 2004

More grow ops found in building, Mar 2004

Tenants help nail more grow-ops, Mar 2004

Higher rents upsetting local tenants, 2002

Slum landlord doesn't want repairs, 2001

FMTA complaint to city, 2001

Tenants protest roaches & rent hike, 2000

Landord sticks it to actors, Mar 2000

OCAP community inspection, Dec 1999

Inspector shortage and loopholes, Oct 1999

Catch-up rent hike a shocker, Aug 1999

Bad landlords free to gouge, Aug 1999

Tenants protest loophole in rents, 1999

Landlords From Hell, Jan 1999

Tenants fight to own complex, May 1997

The West Lodge Files, 1997 Adobe file

Parkdale Tenants at Queen's Park, 1991

Parking Battle

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The West Lodge Tenants Association, is a Toronto tenants association representing the residents of 103 and 105 West Lodge Avenue, in an area known as Parkdale.

This is a Toronto tenant information and a consumer watchdog website both for our tenants and any others who might have an interest in these issues and our continuing battles with The Wynn Group, formerly known as Wynn Family Properties.

Our Toronto tenants association has existed since 1972. We have been assisted in our battles against our slum landlord by the Ontario Coalition Against Poverty. We also and had a very successful 1990 rent strike with the assistance of Parkdale Community Legal Services.

The family business of being landlords was founded upon the Phil Wynn's stores, National Furniture. The present property management companies under names like: the Wynn Group, Wynn Family Properties, B'nai Fishel (Children of Phil), Pajelle Investments, etc., are under the ownership of his sons: Jeffrey, Paul and Leslie. We have heard many complaints about the furniture business, including complaints of taking deposits and then never delivering the furniture, as had been on CityTV Silverman Helps, consumer segment. There was a site that used to exist that covered one complaint, and we have compiled this page on: National Furniture 1650 Dundas Street East, Mississauga, from what we had saved from the many pages on their site that outline this criticism of their treatment of customers.

This site was launched on May 7, 2003.

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