to my web Site 

i hope you have a wonderfull visit hear  at Futurix 

a little bit about my slelf 

My name is Rigan Su 「りがんす」

I am 13 physiclay and 38 biologically

I am from the Republic Island Of MolMol

i have  all ways wanted to go to 日本語 since my last stay  15 years ago

I am an tech nerd and a swordsman 

this is me 

making  Ai do work for me and writing and running scripts for mac  whitch take forever to finsh 

and hopefully output something usefull and somthing that ant. 

I am very good at using the Katana  but good at any fire wepons like guns and simular stuff 


I have  not much friends just my siblings and myself 

IF You want to be friends