Study of a Prow Roof or Rake Wall

Prow Peak compared to a Valley Rafter
Prow Peak Sketches and Example Calculations
Interlocking Tetrahedra modeling Prow Roof Stud Compound Angle

Cross Cut Studs and Plate or Prow Rafter with beveled Upper Shoulder

Prow Valley Stud Angles

Studs cut with a Compound Angle and Plate with beveled Edges

Prow Valley Stud Compound Angle

Minimum Stock Width of Prow Roof Plate ... plate to be beveled for exact fit

Cross Section View of Plate without beveled Edges

Prow Roof Plate width in Cross Section ... if Plate Width equals Stud Width

Geometric Analysis of Prow Roof Angles based on the Roof Dimensions

Hip Tetrahedral Model ... Developments of Prow Stud Compound Angle based on Prow Roof Dimensions

Prow Stud Angle Formulas based on the Roof Slope Angle and Plan Angle

... more Hip and Valley Roof Framing and Joinery Angle Formulas

Geometric Analysis of Compound Angle on the Studs

Tetrahedron extracted from the Stick ... Development of Prow Stud Compound Angle

Tetrahedron extracted from the adjoining face the Stick ... Development of Prow Stud Compound Angle

Prow Stud Compound Angle Formulas

Joe Bartok