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The web is full of nostalgic pages for all sorts of things. One thing that stands out in my mind is my old Heathkit SW-717 receiver. I was disappointed when I used several search engines and couldn't find any pages discussing this receiver. Wasn't anyone else as fond of theirs as I was of mine?:-) So here is my page dedicated to this fine (beginners) receiver.


The SW-717 was a reasonably priced (around $70) receiver kit available from Heathkit during the 1970s. It was an eight transistor, single conversion, superhet. It replaced the earlier GR-64 four tube receiver.


If you have a problem you might want to check out Bill Wilkinson's Heathkit page and it's repair information page. This page has tons of information on a wide variety of Heathkit gear. Bill has graciously allowed me to use the SW-717 information on this page. His hints are:


If you need a manual, I have copies available for a $15 copying fee (plus shipping). These copies have some markings (the steps are checked off, etc.), but clear and usable. The larger pages are copied on larger paper to maintain readability.

In addition, manuals are available from several other sources and usually run around $19 a copy. One place I've used and been happy with is W7FG's Vintage Manuals. They have manuals for tons of gear. There are also several other manual suppliers out on the web--but I haven't used any others.


Here are some links that might prove helpful. For businesses, unless otherwise noted I have not done business with them. If you have other links you think might be of interest, e-mail me with it.


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