The Vrillon Videos
read more about Vrillon video in: The 1977 Vrillon message. VRILLON
"Hello visitor. Greetings from Earth. My name is Xis, and I'm with a friend investigating videos about the return of contacts from the Galactic Federation. If you have any information, please share it with us. Help us spread the word about this website so people can reach out to us. We're open to any assistance. Every piece of information will be valuable. Have you heard a strange message on the radio? Send it to us. We've already received some materials and will be sharing them soon for the betterment of humanity." Strange messages already captured in world! What could this be?
Help us uncover the truth behind the new Vrillon videos.
Send any information or clues about their origin to us!!!!
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** WARNING: All your personal data will be preserved in secret. **
Contact us at: [email protected] Or Mundo Gump
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