Voluxian's Abode

Welcome. I am Voluxian.

This is my hermit home in geocities.ws.

Neocities is awesome for reviving the Geocities style!
Check them out!

Check geocities.ws out too! Beware their forced edits though if you try their editor.

About me

I'm a gaming, tech and thinking enthusiast.
I don't have any specific interests as I'm
all over the place, so I'll just state what
I'm interested in currently.

Section where I put out my musings.

My personal musings
Cyberdeck Cafe posts
Closed Net Manifesto
The Manifesto of a Linux Aficionado
ReactOS compatibility list


(Gemini) My Sourcehut Capsule
(Gopher) My SDF Burrow
Caster.fm station. Usually jungle for the first hour.
Space Paranoids is back online! (Need 32 bit browser and Unity Web Player*)

Quick word of warning, you will need a client that supports the protocols listed in parentheses.

Links to other places

*Palemoon 32 Bit and the following link is recommended:
Unity Web Player 2.x