Origin Birthday Genre
1989 Doom metal

Dan FondeliusVocals
Dan FondeliusGuitars
Tommy ErikksonBass
Christer PetterssonDrums

Former members, and other stuff:

Swedish doom rockers Count Raven have been making waves within the European underground scene over the years. They've had longtime fans raving about their strong musicianship over the past seven years and keeping their status at the top of the doom scene alive. Now they've returned with "Messiah of Confusion", their fourth and most recent release.
It's been three years since their critically acclaimed "High On Infinity" album came out. Just because they have been on hiatus doesn't mean they have lost what they once had. Count Raven has stuck to what they know best and showed that they haven't lost a step.
"Messiah of Confusion" deals with the band's outlook on society, how people are, and like their previous albums, they've stuck to questioning aspects about society's behavior. "The album's name is our bass player's nickname, but when the album began to see the light of day, we thought the title was a good idea. There's a lot of 'messiahs of confusion' out there", explained drummer Christer Pettersson, about how the concepts behind the album's title.
But over the years, Count Raven has stuck to the format that they know best, instead of jumping trends. But even though they've been doing this, Pettersson says that by sticking to this format, they are definitely introducing something new. "We're the kind of band that discovers new things and brings up subjects that few have mentioned, then explaining them. We do have a message to people and to those who listen, for example, what life is about!"
They have come a long way since their 1989 "Indignus Famulus" demo, which resulted in an overwhelming response from various underground fanzines and doom fans. Vocalist Christian Linderson, guitarist Dan Fondelius, bassist Tommy Eriksson, and Pettersson were the unit that quickly became the Swedish underground sensation. This instant reaction led to their signing with Hellhound Records.
Their 1991 debut "Storm Warning" had the European press responding with fantastic reviews - 4 K's in KERRANG (U.K.), 10 out of 10 points in Rock Hard (Germany), and 6 out of 7 in Metal Hammer (Germany).
But after their fabulous debut, they lost original vocalist Christian Linderson to Saint Vitus, and moved guitarist Dan Fondelius into the lead vocalist spot. Even with the new frontman, their second album, "Destruction of the Void" lived up to the press' expectations, and was named "Doom Album of the Year" by Rock Hard Magazine.
Count Raven is back better than ever! Experience what the Europeans have been raving about.

1990 Storm Warning
1992 Destruction Of The Void
1993 High On Infinity
1996 Messiah Of Confusion


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