Vietnam veteran, convoy commander and scale modeler Jerry Barnes shows us step-by-step how he builds his guntruck "Snoopy".
This page will be updated when new photos are coming in.
Enjoy his project and maybe it will inspire you to build a guntruck as well.
The graphics are done by Mike's Advancedsigns.
You can reach Mike for information at his email address: [email protected]


This is a photo of the real Snoopy in Vietnam

The kit to start with is Italeri's M-925 or M-938. Jerry and James Lyles made their own new resin cab. They started with the AFV Club M-35 cab which they lengthened.

 When you start such a complex project, scale drawings are almost a necessity.
This is the side view...
 and this is the top view of the cargo/weapons area of the guntruck.
These rwaings are the top and side views of an M54 truck. The start of the Snoopy guntruck.
 Here is a front and rear drawing of an M-54.

 Here you can see some in-progress photos of the armored side panels and wooden floor.
On these and the following snapshots you can..
 see Snoopy and its crew in Vietnam. 
 They can also be a source for detailing information.

These are the resin parts needed to convert the M-35 kit into an M54 5ton truck.
These are the major resin parts: the new cab end fenders.
 On this photo you can see the complete chassis with the widened front axle.
 And this is a detail shot of the widened front axle.

 On this photo you can see the new resin cab on the completed chassis test fitted.
The exhoust stacks were detailed with plastic and metal parts.
 The fuel tanks were detailed and tested for alignment with the cab.
 The hood handles were made from staples.

 On this photo you can see the resin hood and fenders fitted on the chassis.
 The kit seats were detailed ...
 ...and the fuel tanks too.
 The toolbox on the gas tanks on most guntrucks were removed

Test fit of the armored bed on the truck
 The ammo drum for the grenade launcher was made from copper sheet
 Here's a photo of the scratch built grenade launcher
 3/4 frontal view of an almost complete M54 guntruck.

Side view of the kit
Here are the M-113 style seats with added details
Scratch built taillights
 Full view of the rear of the truck

Here you see both sides of Snoopy
The almost finished Snoopy
 Here you can see the floor filled with ammo boxes.
 Side view with all the graphics in place.

 SNOOPY finished
 Here from a different angle



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