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Sterling Hedgepeth

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Nick Rossi said: As many of you know, I've spent a good portion of the past 10 days working with the wonderful people of Noir City at the Castro Theatre. In addition to opening the festival with my own modern jazz trio, I have had the distinct pleasure of accompanying Ms. Noir City 18, vocalist Victoria Mature, for three performances. As a musician who strives to be a simpatico accompanist, these shows were particularly satisfying. And while I VERY much enjoyed all three musical selections, I developed a certain fondness for last night's number in particular.

"Un por amor" was written by Mexican composer/bandleader Gilberto Parra for vocalist Lucha Reyes in 1941. Reyes, the "first lady" of ranchera music, introduced it on record a year later. Other popular recorded versions are by Pedro Infante (1950, Mexico) and Linda Ronstadt (1987, USA). Mexican film director Emilio Fernández also used the music in a subtle, but poignant way in two important scenes of his brilliant 1949 noir "Salón México".

Thanks to Eddie Muller for the creation and curation of such a wonderful festival here in San Francisco. Thanks to David Klowden for his passionate and detailed research assistance. Thanks to Sterling Hedgpeth for the photo. And, of course, thanks to Victoria for the music.


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Fantastic photo of Victoria Mature and Eddie Muller - Noir City 18 - thanks to Daniela Michel @Daniela_MichelC

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