Cute fan letter/Letter To The Editors of Life Magazine from 1941 -
Letter To The Editors of Life Magazine: Hunk Of Man - Sirs: Is it fair to us college girls to print the photograph of such a man as Victor Mature (LIFE, April 7)? You should realize that spring is the hardest time to study, but with pictures like that before us - is it any wonder we don't make our grades? I blame you and Victor Mature for my downfall! Gloria Campbell, Oregon State College

Zintgraff Studio Photographic Collection, MS 355, University of Texas at San Antonio Libraries Special Collections

Here is a cool photo of Vic in Rome, in 1956, during the filming of Pickup Alley.

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Genius II getting ready to snuggle with Vic! Cute!

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I uploaded the great radio show "Proudly We Hail" with the fantastic episode "Exchange Professor" starring Victor! Proudly We Hail was started as an US Army Production, produced by CP MacGregor, containing a wide variety of mediums geared to attract young potential recruits and the series included mystery and drama shows. You can also hear Vic chatting near the end. So fun to hear! Check it out here: