Attend the Victor Mature Birthday Celebration 2020! Birthday Celebration for actor Victor Mature who was born 29 January 1913! Remember Victor by sharing your favorite movies, pictures or stories! You do not have to "attend" to attend. It's a worldwide cyber event! Remembering him in any way means you are attending! Celebrate what would have been Vic's 107th birthday! Celebrate Victor Mature's Birthday! Hosted by

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Here is a wonderful picture of Victor from the Coast Guard holding Honorable Discharge papers. It is from Beyond Band Of Brothers on Instagram. They said: "Victor John Mature was an American actor best known for his role in "Samson and Delilah" (1949). ... He was assigned to the icebreaker USCGC Storis. In May 1945, Mature was reassigned to USS Admiral H. T. Mayo, which was involved in transferring troops to the Pacific Theater. He was honorably discharged from the Coast Guard in November 1945."


Noir City Seattle

February 14 - 20, 2020

America doesn't have a monopoly on swaggering gangsters, larcenous lovers, surly ex-cons, corrupt cops, and scheming femmes fatales. The 2020 edition of Noir City will feature an array of classic films from around the globe—a wide-ranging, thematically cohesive immersion in a sordid world of sinister and sexy affairs presented by TCM host and Czar of Noir Eddie Muller.

Full lineup and schedule will be announced on Thursday, January 16. Passes and Opening Night tickets on sale now!
"Now, more than ever, it's essential to resist the dread and paranoia of contemporary times by looking beyond our differences. Let's appreciate the noir ethos for the creativity it inspires and the warning flares it long ago flashed on screens worldwide. Noir has no national boundaries. It's the same story, everywhere."—Eddie Muller With Victoria Mature as Ms. Noir City!

Noir City San Francisco

The Noir City Film Festival will be celebrating Victor's birthday with a screening of "The Long Haul" on his birthday, January 29th!


7:00 PM

A married U.S. soldier in England (Victor Mature) mixes it up with corrupt truckers and a tempting dame (Diana Dors), putting his life in danger.

35mm print
English language

1957, England. 100 min.
Dir. Ken Hughes

Here is a great behind the scenes picture from the filming of "Footlight Serenade." It says: Hollywood's squared circle. Victor Mature, who'd never waged anything heavier than a neighborhood free-for-all, trained with Jake Roper - his opponent here - for six weeks before the start of "Footlight Serenade," for the three bouts in the film, two of which are with John Payne. As you may have guessed, when Payne and Mature fought it was over a girl - Betty Grable. But Mature wins all the fights and Payne gets the gal.

Noir City 18: International II

FILM | Join us for Noir City: International II, January 24 through February 2, 2020, at San Francisco

January 24, 2020

Castro Theatre
429 Castro Street - San Francisco

Date(s) - 01/24/2020 - 02/02/2020
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Join us for Noir City: International II, January 24 through February 2, 2020, at San Francisco’s historic Castro Theatre!

America doesn’t have a monopoly on swaggering gangsters, larcenous lovers, surly ex-cons, corrupt cops, and scheming femmes fatales. FNF president and TCM’s Noir Alley host Eddie Muller will be presenting an array of classic films from around the globe, a wide-ranging, thematically cohesive immersion in a sordid world of sinister and sexy affairs—including the world premieres of two new restorations funded by the FNF: “La bestia debe morir” (The Beast Must Die, 1952) and “El vampiro negro” (The Black Vampire, 1953).

The 10-day excursion travels through hot-blooded nightclubs of the Mexican cabareteras, neon-streaked alleys of Japanese yakuza thrillers, the stylish Parisian underworld, Italian palazzos hiding crimes of every social strata and a Kafkaesque Prague as envisioned by the Czech New Wave. Tour guides include some of the world’s most revered filmmakers: Michelangelo Antonioni, Andrzej Wajda, Julien Duvivier, Jean-Pierre Melville, Roberto Gavaldón, Jirí Weiss, Robert Siodmak, and Masahiro Shinoda.

Schedule, passports (all-access passes) and tickets for individual screenings for the 18th edition of Noir City are now available at

Friday, Jan 24 | Argentina

The Beast Must Die / La Bestia Debe Morir 7:30 PM
The Black Vampire / El Vampiro Negro 9:45 PM

Saturday, Jan 25 | France (Matinée)

Panic / Panique 1:30 PM
Razzia / Razzia Sur La Chnouf 3:30 PM

Saturday, Jan 25 | France (Evening)

Finger Man / Le Doulos 7:00 PM
Any Number Can Win / Mélodie En Sous-Sol 9:15 PM

Sunday, Jan 26 | South Korea

The Housemaid / Hanyo 2:00 PM, 7:00 PM
Black Hair / Geomeun Meori 4:20 PM, 9:00 PM

Monday, Jan 27 | Italy

Story Of A Love Affair / Cronaca Di Un Amore 7:00 PM
The Facts Of Murder / Un Maledetto Imbroglio 9:00 PM

Tuesday, Jan 28 | Czechoslovakia

…And The Fifth Horseman Is Fear / …A Páty Jezdec Je Strach 7:00 PM
90 Degrees In The Shade / Tricet Jedna Ve Stinu 9:00 PM

Wednesday, Jan 29 | England

The Long Haul 7:00 PM
Never Let Go 9:00 PM

Thursday, Jan 30 | Japan

Pale Flower / Kawaita Hana 7:00 PM
Rusty Knife / Sabita Naifu 9:00 PM

Friday, Jan 31 | West Germany

The Devil Strikes At Night / Nachts, Wenn Der Teufel Kam 7:00 PM
Black Gravel / Schwarzer Kies 9:00 PM

Saturday, Feb 1 | Mexico (Matinée)

Another Dawn / Distinto Amanecer 1:30 PM
Twilight / Crepúsculo 3:40 PM

Saturday, Feb 1 | Mexico (Evening)

Night Falls / La Noche Avanza 7:30 PM
Salón México 9:15 PM

Sunday, Feb 2 | Sweden / Poland

A Woman’s Face / En Kvinnas Ansikte 2:00 PM, 7:00 PM
Ashes and Diamonds / Popiol I Diament 4:00 PM, 9:00 PM

Once Upon A Time In The West and My Darling Clementine -
January 26th at the Aero Theatre. Thank you so much to Victoria Mature for the information!

John Ford vs. ___ on the Big Screen
January 23 - February 2 | Aero Theatre

Years before Ford raced Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966, the movies’ pace-setting Ford - John Ford, that is - directed a plethora of classic films. Our 2-weekend series pairs classics like THE SEARCHERS, MY DARLING CLEMENTINE and THE GRAPES OF WRATH with companion films by both contemporaries and successors including Frank Capra, Sergio Leone and Steven Spielberg. ...


1968, Paramount, 165 min, Dir: Sergio Leone

Charles Bronson is a soft-spoken, harmonica-playing gunslinger bent on revenge against brutal assassin Henry Fonda. Costarring Claudia Cardinale as an independent-minded mail-order bride and Jason Robards as a wry bandito with an agenda of his own.

1946, 20th Century Fox, 97 min, USA, Dir: John Ford

John Ford directs one of the most beautiful, melancholic, lyrical Westerns ever made, painting an atmospheric interpretation of Wyatt Earp (Henry Fonda), the Earp siblings (Ward Bond, Tim Holt), Doc Holliday (Victor Mature) and their escalating feud with the cattle-rustling Clanton family (Walter Brennan, John Ireland and Grant Withers). Although Ford hews closer to the legend than to the cold hard facts (especially with the fictionalized female characters, Cathy Downs as Clementine and Linda Darnell as Chihuahua), that is, in large part, the point of the film - an elegiac vision of a heroic age when almost-mythological personalities walked the earth as real, flesh-and-blood people. Poignant, exhilarating and gorgeous from beginning to end.

Years before Ford raced Ferrari at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in 1966, the movies’ pace-setting Ford - John Ford, that is - directed a plethora of classic films, from the Western genre and beyond, whose distinct voice and cinematic language invites limitless comparisons with the films of other auteurs - both his contemporaries and successors - from around the world. With this series of parings, we examine Ford’s career through juxtapositions with filmmakers who honor, challenge, or build upon (often all at once) his cinema, revealing just how influential his work truly was.

Ford’s unparalleled contributions to the Western genre can be felt across both countries and time periods. His adventure across the Wild West, STAGECOACH, for example, makes a fitting companion piece with Kelly Reichardt’s modern 21st century re-envisioning of frontier cinema in MEEK’S CUTOFF. There are few directors more deserving of comparison than Sergio Leone, whose classic ONCE UPON A TIME IN THE WEST makes a dramatic reversal of Henry Fonda’s classic good-guy role as Wyatt Earp in Ford’s MY DARLING CLEMENTINE. One can even see Ford’s genre distinctions begin to blur when comparing films like THE MAN WHO SHOT LIBERTY VALANCE and THE SEARCHERS to the works of such filmmakers as Akira Kurosawa (SANJURO) and Steven Spielberg (SAVING PRIVATE RYAN), who largely maintain the spirit of the Western while focusing on entirely different subjects.

Outside of the Western, Ford has been equally influential in his portrayals of moments of American history. YOUNG MR. LINCOLN stands out here, as a compelling examination of the 16th President’s younger, simpler life, which complements Frank Capra’s similarly poignant vision of American politics in MR. SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON. Sharing this interest in American culture, Ford and Sam Peckinpah collide in THE QUIET MAN and STRAW DOGS, two vastly different stories of American men defined by violence. Lastly, Ford and William A. Wellman direct a pair of films just two years apart, THE GRAPES OF WRATH and THE OX-BOW INCIDENT, which both examine the behavior of groups of desperate people pushed far beyond their usual sense of civility.

Series programmed by Grant Moninger. Program notes by Chris LeMaire.

Sharing this wonderful photo from Sterling Hedgpeth. He said: "This year's Ms. #NoirCity18 is Victoria Mature (Victor's daughter). Looking forward to lots of great intros from her and Eddie Muller this year!"


Sharing this fantastic photo of Ms. Noir City, Victoria Mature! Thanks to Jennifer Churchill for the wonderful photo!

Here are 2 more fantastic photos from Noir City 18 with Victoria Mature and Eddie Muller! Thanks to:

Here is another great picture! Thanks to Beth Ann Gallagher who said: "Great chatting with @VictoriaMature
tonight! As Ms. Noir City, she’s been fulfilling her duties splendidly outfitted by @RelicVintage. Is she the first holder of the title to be directly connected with classic film era Hollywood? @NoirAlley
#NoirCity18 #TCMParty"