Here is a great photo of Victor that says it's from Billy De Wolfe Studio Photo Circa 1944. It was from the collection of Maxine Arnold who wrote for Photoplay Magazine. You can find it for sale on E-bay at:

Love this great photo of Victor, Angela Lansbury and Cecil B. DeMille behind the scenes of Samson and Delilah!

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Cecil B. DeMille directing Victor Mature and dozens of extras in a scene for his 1949 Biblical film SAMSON AND DELILAH.

Lana Turner and Victor Mature with Director Gottfried Reinhardt during the filming of Betrayed in Holland.

Exciting news!!! Samson and Delilah (Presented in 35mm nitrate) and The Robe will be shown at the 10th TCM Classic Film Festival in Hollywood which is from April 11-14, 2019! We'll be posting more exciting details as they become available! Check out these pages! Thank you so much to Victoria Mature for the information!