I found 2 great video clips of Victor! These are much longer clips and I don't believe I've posted these before. The Royal Film Performance http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/ROYAL-FILM-PERFORMANCE/02aed5b8276346fd8e023b3ef0f3d767?query=victor+mature&current=7&orderBy=Relevance&hits=19&referrer=search&search=%2fsearch%3fstartd%3d%26endd%3d%26allFilters%3d%26query%3dvictor%2bmature%26advsearchStartDateFilter%3d%26advsearchEndDateFilter%3d%26searchFilterHdSDFormat%3dAll%26searchFilterDigitized%3dAll%26searchFiltercolorFormat%3dAll%26searchFilteraspectratioFormat%3dAll&allFilters=&productType=IncludedProducts&page=1&b=f3d767 and The London Premiere of The Robe http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/THE-ROBE/6bda127159da44dba511a7646b74997e?query=victor+mature&current=3&orderBy=Relevance&hits=19&referrer=search&search=%2fsearch%3fstartd%3d%26endd%3d%26allFilters%3d%26query%3dvictor%2bmature%26advsearchStartDateFilter%3d%26advsearchEndDateFilter%3d%26searchFilterHdSDFormat%3dAll%26searchFilterDigitized%3dAll%26searchFiltercolorFormat%3dAll%26searchFilteraspectratioFormat%3dAll&allFilters=&productType=IncludedProducts&page=1&b=74997e

Victor Mature Finds Movies Right For Him: A personality that reaches out and grabs your attention. Plus, 6 feet 2 inches of all man. That's Victor Mature. And a guy who likes what he's doing and wants to continue doing it. "Gosh, I've been the luckiest guy in the world," Mature said here today. "I make good money. I don't have to work too doggone hard, and in the past year and a half I've been across the ocean 10 times seeing strange, new places." One of these trips was for the film "Safari," a Columbia movie released by Warwick, which opens tomorrow at the Orpheum in its word premiere. "Maybe when I started in the business I had the art for art's sake outlook," Mature said, "but in my first picture all I got to do was grunt. That takes the arty approach right out of you." Mature said he hasn't made any television shows because he thinks people who make the grade in one medium should stay in it. "And let's be practical. Who's going to pay to see you if they can see you free every Monday night?" "And I think the front offices in Hollywood feel better about a man who sticks to his own medium. I've had a fine life in movies, so I think I owe it to them to go along with what the big boys think."