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Welcome To Unique Solutions Online!

Welcome to the homepage of Unique Solutions.We Sell Electronic Items here. If you are interested, you can visit our ''Products" Section..

If you are looking for perfect Electronics for your home, and finding lots of places and & found nothing, leave it to us. Customer Satisfaction is our no.1 Speciality. through our email 123, you can order any electronic items. If you are having any problem, feel free to call on 88888888. We can talk directly there. Now, let's take a closer look to our products.AC, Fans of branded Companies, anything you can wish for right, on your doorstep by Unique Solutions.

Naturally, the emergence of the Internet and "information superhighway" has lead me  to spend most of my "off hours" computer time to gaining information about the WWW and its practical applications. Currently, I am heading up a project to develop a substantial Internet presence for my company, Web Service, with our own Web site. Our site is located at and has been up an running since early 1997. We also own the rights to and are formulating plans for its development as an Internet commerce site..

Over the last several years I have spent a considerable amount of time surfing the internet, gathering information, and "experimenting" with various HTML editors. It is my intention to share my experiences and knowledge with those of you interested in developing your own personal or business Web sites.

If you're more interested in the practical applications and experiences of someone who has above average computer literacy, but is no "computer technocrat", I think you'll find this site worthwhile. Along the way I'll throw in a variety of interesting sites, attempting to categorize them by subject matter, which I found interesting or useful.

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