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PP-R Pipes and Fittings for Hot and Cold Water
elbow 90
Elbow 90
end cap
End Cap
elbow 45
Elbow 45
male tee with brass thread
Male Tee with Brass Thread
male elbow with brass thread
Male Elbow with Brass Thread
male elbow with wall plate
Male Elbow with Wall Plate
male adapter with brass thread
Male Adapter with Brass Thread
male union with brass thread
Male Union with Brass Thread
ball valve
Ball Valve (Plastic)
gate valve
Gate Valve (Plastic)
female tee with brass thread
Female Tee with Brass Thread
female elbow with brass thread
Female Elbow with Brass Thread
female elbow with wall plate
Female Elbow with Wall Plate
female adapter with brass thread
Female Adapter with Brass Thread
female union with brass thread
Female Union with Brass Thread
cross over
Cross Over
gate valve
Gate Valve (Brass)
coupling reducer
Coupling Reducer
elbow reducer
Elbow reducer
tee reducer
Tee Reducer
stub end with flange
Stub End with Flange
3 gang outlet
3 Gang Outlet
5 gang outlet
5 Gang Outlet
pipe cutter
Pipe Cutter
roller pipe cutter
Roller Pipe Cutter
heat fusion tools
Heat Fusion Tools