UMATI Faszien Massage  
 UMATI - A high quality instrument to eliminate physical pain  
   Natural treatment of headaches with UMATI  

What is UMATI used for? 

The instrument has both, an invigorating and calming effect on the body.

UMATI works effectively on several body systems at the same time, be it the fascial, nervous, muscle, digestive, respiratory, lymphatic, skeletal or metabolic system.

How is UMATI used?

Different tapping techniques can be applied to the clothed as well as to the naked body. Even joints can be treated painlessly.

Tapping with UMATI causes vibrations that ripple like gentle shock waves throughout all body systems, from the surface of the body, the skin to the bones and even down to the fascia surrounding the smallest nerve cells. The waves get absorbed by the tissue and result in tension release of fascia and muscles.

Mental Health

To further reduce stress, the audible frequencies created when tapping remind of the rich, deep tones of Tibetan therapy bowls. 

Professionals and non-professionals

Professionals such as physiotherapists or osteopaths will use the UMATI instrument differently than non-professionals, but everybody is able to use it. Everyone experiencing UMATI will feel a full release of tension.

UMATI comes in four sizes UMATI Brise (175 gram), UMATI Brise Plus, UMATI Sturm and UMATI Orkan (1750 gram).