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Information on the Decks


Well, the main reason why I created this site is to consolidate all 4 of my tarot deck projects, so it will be easier for me to update them, and my files online will be less cluttered.


Here are some short information for each deck project:




I was a fan of the famous animated series, and am also interested in the occult, particularly divination. When I was surfing the internet, I encountered a few sites which had tarot cards with images from the series. the problem was that either the deck wasn't complete (as in the case of a German deck which only featured the Major Arcana) or there wasn't any form of symbolism to it (I saw one which only showed the characters as if they were the people in regular playing cards [i.e. it only showed the bust of the character, and below it the inverted image of this]). And so I decided to make one which suits me more.


Also, with this particular deck project, I tried as much as I can, to include all the major characters in the cards, so that when one lays them out, one also has a clearer picture of the Sailor Moon universe.


It has been a few years already, and yet I haven’t gone around finishing this deck. Also, to avoid any copyright confusion, this is what one may call a doujinshi work, somewhat like fanart. In Japan, if a person wants to make a comic, for example, based on or taking from a particular animated series there, they are allowed to create it and even market it, not as the main series, but as a fan-based creation.


With the technicals, I used Corel PhotoPaint for most of the cards, but for some, I used Adobe Photoshop on some of them. I'm new in using both photo-editing software, so the effects used aren't THAT great. But, well, I'm satisfied with the results anyhow. I'm also new to web development. So that's that.


I have reflected deeply on the meanings of each card in the deck. the images and representations used are what I deem as appropriate (also, they are the most I can do with my limited skills). Also, in creating the Major Arcana, I wanted all Major Characters represented (not like the German released Major Arcana only Deck), so I spent some time matching the most suitable characters to the meanings of the cards.


There is some confusion in this regard as some use the wand-fire sword-air correspondence when it comes to interpreting. In case there is some confusion, in this particular deck, I interpreted Wands to symbolize Air and Swords for Fire. And I personally use this correspondence when it comes to the Tarot.





The cards are based on the Rider-Waite system, except that there is an added court card - the Princess. This new addition shows my need to have a more "balanced" sexual influence in the courts, so I split the Knight into Knight and princess. I've also changed the suits more to my taste: the Wands are now Fans (to reinforce the air element, since there is some confusion with Wands being fire), and Pentacles into Orbs (to further the wealth aspect of the suit). The two remaining - Swords and Cups, have not been changed.


The artistic inspiration behind the images are drawn from a variety of influences - expressionism, stained glass, art nouveau, and even anime. I combined these influences in my art, and created a unique style I meant only for this specific deck, resulting in a rather unusual look.


Also, the deck is unique in that all the human figures depicted in them have masks - representing various aspects of life - impartiality, apathy, to name a few. The only human figure in the deck which does not have a mask is the woman in The World Card.


I would like to say that this is actually a "people tarot", with every card having a human figure in it, one way or another. The reason behind this is that, well, it is the person who wear masks, and the deck itself is tackles the various symbolic paradigms of the very act of "wearing a mask."





- the Vanessa Tarot, is dedicated to some friends, and named after our dear friend Vanessa who has a certain predilection for cutesy dolls. I originally intended this as a gift to her. However, during the course of the creation process, I began to realize how difficult and severe an undertaking creating 78 images would be. Needless to say, the whole deck's still in the process of becoming (now that sounds more dignified than "unfinished"!).


Again, the cards have a unique dolls theme to them. I'd wanted them to have that childish aura to them, without being overly cutesy and plastic. The inspirations for the images - from the wardrobe to the various settings of the people in the cards - these come from a wide range of influences, but mainly, I wanted to project something very female, say, as opposed to something feminine. This allows me to sometimes give the images a harsher tinge to them, and not get limited to soft-ness and daintiness. It also allows me to explore more adult issues without being to careful of a child-level audience (see Devil card as example. LOL). Of course, the sassiness and the like will always be there. Its hard to explain/translate, but what best describes the deck is a subtler version of a local Filipino term called, kikay.


Also, I wanted this deck to say something like "for the little girl in every (grown-up) woman" or something like that. Actually, come to think of it, I will include that quote somewhere in the deck! But then, not just for women, but it is also for people appreciative of the lighthearted candor the images in the cards conveys to them. Like an adult trying to have some fun once in a while. Like a child trying to make sense of an adults world. I am not making any sense anymore! LOL. But seriously, I hope ya get my drift. Of course, first and foremost, it still is based on an is still intended as a gift for my friend Vanessa (as well as other friends).


For the look of the cards, I wanted something contrasting to my other unfinished tarot endeavors (Masque Tarot, Sailor Tarot, and the Tarot of the Lepidopteran People). And, as I mentioned earlier, this deck is primarily dedicated to my friends, especially the deck's namesake, who has a collection of dolls. They were also inspired by some stuff I did earlier for another friend's magazine school project. I was supposed to do the Horoscope Section of the mag, and since the mag itself was supposed to have a "Maid" theme, I opted to change the illustrations of the Zodiac signs themselves as well.


I didn't change almost any titles or suits of the cards. That is, except pentacles to coins. But then again, I find this change apparent in most modern decks, so it doesn't count. I wanted to maintain them as they were, and not adapt them to any particular context (say for example, changing coins to jewelry, etc.). That allows the cards to at least convey something more universal while at the same time, maintaining its "theme deck" stance. Actually, the only card name I changed was The World. in The Vanessa Tarot, it’s The Universe. Actually, I already noticed this change with some other decks out there (methinks using Universe conveys a more transcendental image), and I find that name suits the theme of that particular card (see for yerself in the attic section).


It also is a predominantly female (very!) deck, with most of the characters being one way or another female, and the male figures just popping every now and then. Two things: One is because it IS a deck based on someone who loves dolls (cutesy ones at that), so the deck's likely going to convey a more female aura. Secondly, I am not very confident with my drawing skills when it comes to male figures. Yes. Even cutesy, cartoon-ish ones. Heck, I'm not all too confident in my drawing skills in general! LOL So the males yer seeing here are the ones that I just had to include.


Actually, this "predominantly female images" thing has got me into thinkin if I should change the King title in every suit and change it to something more female like goddess. Or I could probly just do that daughter-mother-crone thing, and just add goddess as a fourth court card. But then again, I'm actually quite secure with the page and knight court cards being females. Its that King that bothers me... Hmmm. Just thinkin out loud (!) here. Well, if ya can suggest something that can probly make things work, I'd be more than happy to hear it out.


Also, just a minor thing. Well, not really THAT minor. The tarot tradition I follow is the Swords - Fire, Wands - Air approach, as opposed to the Swords - Air, Wands - Fire. I have been using this ever since I began learning about the tarot. So that upholds even for the decks I create (unless of course I specify otherwise). One more thing. Strength is VIII, and Justice is XI.





This deck draws inspiration from butterflies in general. No, they’re not faeries, but rather are, well, butterfly and moth people. The style I tried to develop here, hopefully is unique when compared to my other decks (actually, I want my decks’ styles to stand out from one another), and basically draws inspiration from the beauty of veined Lepidopteran wings, as well as hints of anime.



Lynyrd Narciso 2004



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