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Welcome to the Tarot Attic. Or, more specifically, MY Tarot Attic.


My name is Lynyrd Narciso. I made this site specifically for the purpose of grouping together my ongoing tarot projects, with the hopes of bringing a semblance of order to the already chaotic deluge that is my life.


I have a tendency to start a project and leave it lying around after the initial creative orgasms have subsided. In fact, I've a number, err, A LOT of these "endeavors" just waiting for the next surges of creative juices to come about. So these projects clutter my life - one that is not very neat and organized to begin with. (In fact, Tarot's just one of the many topics my whirlwind of a Muse has decided to wreak havoc in. For full details of the aftermath of such encounters, check out the links section).


As a standard operating procedure (and so that I can fill some more text space), here's a quick navigation guide to the site: HOME is this page. It contains this short intro that you're currently reading, as well as a chronology of the updates I've done with all my deck projects. INFO contains information on the decks. STUFF has, well, stuff in it - that is some downloadable things (I've yet to figure out what to include) as well as some articles on tarot). ATTIC contains the images of the decks themselves, as well as some other things. BIO's a short bio of me, and clicking on E-MAIL will just make you send an e-mail to me.




Meanwhile, here are the updates I made:




Sailor (78): 15 cards to go.

Masque (82): 33 cards to go.

Vanessa (78): 35 cards to go.

Lepidopteran (22): 07 cards to go.


Lynyrd Narciso 2004



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