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Remnants of a Fragmented Mind


Heaven knows why anyone would want to venture into this part of the site! lol. Well, I'm a pretty boring person. To add to that, my name's weird! its Lynyrd Jym Marquez Narciso. I've been raised by Jesuits throughout the duration of this, so far, short and uneventful life. I live somewhere in Manila, the capital of the Philippines (las Islas Felipinas). If yer wonderin where that's at, go get a globe, and go to Southeast Asia (the lower left of China). Its the small group of islands surrounded by an arc formed by Malaysia and Indonesia below, and mainland Southeast Asia to the right. Taiwan and Japan's a bit north of it.


Since most'f ya guys dun know much bout my fatherland, I'll take this time to tell ya bit more bout it. It's a melting pot of cultures, predominantly of the Malay race (but not Malaysian. there's a difference), but you can see on the features of the people the various ethnological influences that have intermixed into the country's gene pool (from Chinese, to Spanish, to Arab and Aryan, to the beautiful features of the more indigenous members of the population). The country hosts a wide variety of indigenous tribes, with a rich cultural heritage predating the arrival of the Spanish colonizers by hundreds of years. Actually, the very thought of a Filipino Culture is something very much exotic to both East and West, since it is an oftentimes rich and colorful (though sometimes uneasy) combination of both. One can see these at the various socio-cultural festivities and events that pepper the country's calendar. It's rather sad, though, that commercialism as well as a global market-oriented mentality have reduced these rich traditions and customs' influences and displays to mere sideshows, even before other people from outside the country (foreigners) have gotten to know them. I actually would want to make Filipino-related decks (Tarot of Philippine Feasts, Tarot of Philippine dances, the Manila Tarot, the Philippine Centennial Tarot, Tarot of Philippine Deities, etc) but, sadly, I do not have the depth of aesthetic skill, as well as the proper socio-cultural training and grounding to embark on such. Well, that is, as of the moment, anyway. I still do intend to get one of them Philippine deck titles I mentioned out of the drawin board, and into my own shufflin hands.


Now, why is this important?! LOL. Well, I guess I feel that somehow my audience (that is you, dear reader) has to know where I am coming from, my socio-cultural background, to better understand (and hopefully, appreciate) my work (why some things are so, why these socio-cultural forms are present in my work, etc).


Anyway, back to me! The tarot thing started when I was a kid. Back then I loved to read about both science and the occult (what a weird combination!), which had a lasting effect on my interests. My knowledge of and interest in tarot basically stems from this period in my life.


I also love to draw, and am very much a frustrated artist. Or poser artist. Whichever you prefer. I've never had any formal art lessons except those provided in my Grade School and High School classes. Still, I've a passion for art. I love reading about and looking at art (both in a level appreciative of aesthetics and in a comparative and critical level), architecture, decorative arts and furnishings, design, etc. Actually, anything with a visual thing going. I enjoy reading in general, anything I can get my hands into (except of course books with pages filled only with numbers. BLECH!)


Actually, I find that Tarot Deck creation is a very good exercise for me that it does two functions for me. One, it helps me cultivate my art skills (or the lack thereof). It helps me focus these skills into more tangible form by having the 78 bounds of the meanings of the tarot cards to guide me, at the same time still allowing room for growth in my creativity. Also, it helps me learn more about the tarot, as some level of reflection (on each card) is needed before I go and do them sketches.


Currently, I'm in the middle of creating a number of decks. (the Sailor Tarot, the Masque Tarot, the Vanessa Tarot, and the Tarot of the Lepidopteran People). I just can't seem to stop! LOL. More so if there's a new idea that comes to my head. But, I've resolved that until I'm finished with either the Masque or the Vanessa, I'll put these new tarot ideas on the side.


I've other personal projects as well. I guess I just enjoy playin around with visuals and stuf. Right now, I've taken up an interest in the local superhero scene. And I'm trying to make up a heroine group based on characters from Philippine Movies, TV, and Literature of the yesteryears. Rather like Justice League meets the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. I haven't done anything professionally yet, but I did a lotta extra-curricular activities back in school. (Just graduated last year, and I'm currently taking up my Masterals In the University of the Philippines)


This can go on and on, like some sordid and lengthy entry in someone's slum book, but I've still some sanity left not to involve you into the other aspects of this sick, sad, life of mine. So that's that. I'll save them other autobiographical stuff if ever this dang deck actually gets published. Hehe.


Guess that's it. Anything more you want to know, comments, suggestions, etc. whether they be tarot-related or just plain nonsensical stuff, then I guess I'd wanna hear from you. You can reach me at: [email protected]




Lynyrd Narciso 2004



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