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5/11/2007 - added patch for version 229

Patches for xterm-223 as of December 2006

Fullsreen patch: 


Originally written by David Simmons:

And somewhat adapted by me, though my version of it lacks some of the features 
the OP did for it. I might study a bit further xterm's source code.

To use it, ALT+ENTER switches back and forth between fullscreen and normal 
mode. It is also settable via xterm's menu (CTRL + left button with the mouse).
There might be some screenshots within this same directory.

Min/Max Width/Height patch: 


This patch adds an extra control sequence which let the user (or developer) to
set the attributes min_width, min_height, max_width, max_height, being also
able to set the window as non-resizable (by setting all the fields to the
same value).

To use it:

  [prompt]$ echo -e \\e[22\;min_width\;min_height\;max_width\;max_height