Face it! Existence is your problem and you're not doing very well with it. That's true for every more or less misbegotten one of us. When the veils fall away, all that we see is the horror, treachery, villainy, avarice, vanity and the pretended impunity of humanity. There, captive and crying in the midst of this infamy, is the beauty of being, and Fury rage rises within us as we view Mankind's cruelty and brutality and scornful evil.












toiauta drosin hoi neoteroi theoi,

krotountes to pan dikas pleon

phonolibu thronon


peri poda, peri kara.-

paresti gas omphalon prosdrakein haimaton

blosuron aromenon agos eyhein.






Witness this world and what we have done to it. Witness our wars, our genocidal orgies of self-immolation, our myriad tyrants murdering and oppressing us here, there and everywhere. Witness our "progress" that has devastated this planet even more than our killing sprees. Look at our new religion, unbridled hedonism in our drugs, our movies and televisions expressing sex and violence and treachery as our normal nature, our mammoth sports spectacles and the orgies of destruction at victory or defeat, our TV preachers in their mansions, our grotesque expressions of "conspicuous consumption", our throw-away relationships, our incredible greed, our crime organized as big business, our corruption as those of us who climb to the top so often betray the rest of us with their palaces and secret police, our temples to Mammon in the financial markets where those with money send it wherever they can find a quick profit while contributing absolutely nothing, our unbelievable Sodoms and Gomorras devoted purely and simply to gambling and various forms of prostitution. Witness our repudiation of morals and traditional values as we abandon, as we betray our responsibilities, as we "turn away" from God, nature, community, family and even our own souls in frantically seeking escape from ourselves, escape from the horror of being what we so indisputably are and ever more openly express a philosophy of "I'm the best; fuck the rest" in our everyday lives.


iw qeoi newteroi, palaiouV nomouV
kaqippasasqe kak cervn eilesqe mou.
egw d atimoV a talaina barukotoV
en ga tade, feu,
ion ion antipenqh
meqeisa kardiaV, stalagmon cqoni
aforon× ek de tou
leichn afulloV ateknoV, dika, pedon episumenoV brotofqorouV khlidaV en cwra balei.
stenazw× ti rexw;
gelvmai politaiV.

Symboliw megala toi korai dustuceiV NuktoV atimopenqeiV.          English


  • We have less and less respect for our own feelings, preferring the more convenient ones we can find here and there in our hedonistic mechanisms as we scurry to escape from reality and any sense of responsibility for being what we are.
    Know it for what it is: the malign disgrace of human existence.









    Now you know, now you know, that's what it was to be alive. To move about in a cloud of ignorance, to go up and down trampling on the feelings of those, of those about you, to be always at the mercy of one self-centered passion or another, to spend and waste time as if you had a million years. Now you know. That's the happy existence you wanted to go back to: ignorance and blindness.



    Watch for me. . .
    I have a long trip ahead
    Through the gate to the fell land beyond
    Where green turns to gold
    In the broken hearts ensphering tomorrow's sun;
    Give me your hand and leave behind
    Let us track together
    The singing sands of time.
    Through the gate of the instance,
    Through now
    Into ever with you I'll wander;
    The world cannot touch us
    For they are still
    While our love gives ever
    In an instant
    That flees too quickly
    To be lost in their dream.
    Come then,
    Forget them,
    Let them pass,
    We'll go on beyond them,
    Coming last.

    -- Easthampton, 1966

    Existence is our problem too and, in fact, we have a surprise for you: what was needed has been done and this will be the last plague of humans.
    Enter Tholos,
    our Stygian

    to find out why this path is so obvious to us in the
    DEDICATION. If you wish more detail, you may then go on into to agion twn agiwn, our SANCTUM SANCTORUM , to see what we mean and serve, and how we can claim that the baleful cabal of infamy that is so much of Mankind is now disbanded forever. Isn't that good news? Well, all right, you have a right to a measure of skepticism but we insist it to be good news. Remember, existence is truly naught but a sempiternal series of complaints: Here are ours. Examine our admittedly invidious position and decide for yourself.























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