If you are interested in participating in a 12 day Philmont adventure, refer to the Information Sheet to ensure that you meet the age requirements. This sheet also answers many questions relating to financial, physical, and mental commitments that each participant must make. If you meet the age requirements, are committed to being physically and mentally ready for this high adventure activity, and are interested in joining a Philmont crew, talk with Mr. Chad Marxsen. You may also contact Mr. Scott Kumler, who has been to Philmont four times, with any other questions that you might have about participating in a Philmont trek.


The videos below will give you a good idea of what to expect from a Philmont Trek.





Run Time: 01:58


This is a fantastic summary of the Philmont Scout Ranch experience.

Written, Directed, Produced, Filmed, Edited and Narrated by Larry McLaughlin



Philmont Promo Video

Run Time: 2:00


A short promo that explains what you can expect from a Philmont trek.



Philmont Scout Ranch Promo

Run Time: 06:25


This video is a great overview of the Philmont Scout Ranch in Cimarron, NM.



Philmont Slide Show Are you up to the challenge?

Run Time: 06:34


This video gives an overview of the activities and scenery that you can expect to experience during a 12 day Philmont backpacking trek. The slides move pretty fast, changing about ever 3-1/2 seconds, so hold on and enjoy!



Keys to a Successful Philmont Wilderness Adventure Video

Run Time: 18:50


From physical preparation before you arrive to saying goodbye to your Philmont ranger on the trail, this video provides useful tips for preparing for your Philmont trek and explains what to expect during the first few days on the ranch.



Philmont 2010 Staff Promo Video

Run Time: 09:24


Although this video is geared toward promoting employment at the Philmont Scout Ranch, it shows some of the programs and activities that are available to those that participate in a 12-day backpacking trek.