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INSTALLING NOTES:  These Christmas Trees go into the 'Resource/Toyz' folder.  They will show up as themselves in the attic cupboard.


Special Notes About The Pet Bunny

ABOUT Pet Rabbit:  The original idea for this pet bunny goes to Bobbie of DN.  She had created one and allowed me to put it on MG (Before the Inc).  However my game crashed and I lost it and didn't save a copy of her original file like I thought I did.  Megan and I were talking about things we'd like to hex or rehex one day and I mentioned to her about the bunny and how much I'd missed the one Bobbie gave me for my little ones.  About a week or two later Megan surprised me with a hexed pet bunny she'd made!  *big hugs*  Thank you so much Megan for this treat!!  Now my babyz have their pet bunny back! hehe

INSTALLING NOTES:  This file *Does Not* overwrite your original game bunny file!  If you do that you'll never again see the bunny in the back yard.  So please don't rename it to overwrite your game bunny file.  Put the file into the 'Resource/Toyz' folder.  It will show up as a milk bottle on the shelf in the playroom.

QUIRKS:  There's just one thing to watch for.  Try not to accidentally 'hang on' to it like you can a milk bottle in the kitchen (by tapping the space bar three times).  That accidentally happened to me and I couldn't figure out how to get rid of it from my fingers! LOL  In the end the only way I did was to move to a new room. ;)


Hexed By Bobbie of Dandelion Nursery
MGInc_DN_SurpriseBox..gif MGInc_DN_StuffedMan.gif

Special Notes About The Present Box & The Stuffed Man

ABOUT Present Box:  In every game there comes a file entitled 'Surprise.toy'.  You can look and see it for yourself in the games Toy folder.  I was curious what this was because I'd been through the file from beginning to end several times and could not figure out what it was for or where to find it.  Bobbie of Dandelion Nursery took the puzzle into her own hexing hands eagerly and within a day had unlocked the puzzle.

This boxed present is the result of the 'Surprise.toy' file.  You can take the lid off and even put things inside it and put the lid back on!  But we're guessing they didn't finish it and include it in the game because when you take the lid off... what Kaaley is playing with up there is what it looks like.... pretty grungy.  It's mostly to look pretty under the tree.  My babyz don't seem inclined to want to play with the box at all except to bat it around the room.  If you try to set them in front of it like the drum, it looks like they're teetering on the back edge and then they slide off.  I was hoping they would lift the lid off and find the surprise I hid inside...  but none of my babyz were even remotely interested in doing so.  They just crawled away. So much for taking realistic pictures of them opening Christmas presents on Christmas Day! ;)

INSTALLING NOTES:  This file is designed to overwrite the file in your game!  Without allowing this file to overwrite the one in your game you'll never see the present at any other time.  So when you install it (in the Resource/Toyz folder) press 'Yes' for overwriting the original file!  The box will show up in the attic.

ABOUT Stuffed Man:  On to the stuffed man... he is part of the 'Unexpected Gifts' we get for registering our game.  The problem is that he is not stored away in any particular section.  So if you accidentally press 'Clean Up Toys' and he disappears the only way to get him back is if you re-register your game.  And trust me it's a pain in the bootie because all your pictures, baby monitors, flowers, etc. disappear and go back to their original places.

Again Bobbie took this challenge eagerly into her own hands and hexed the file so that when you 'Clean Up Toys' it will go to the shelf in the attic!!  Yippee :)

INSTALLING NOTES:  Again, this file is designed to overwrite the file in your game!  Without allowing this file to overwrite the one in your game you'll continually have to 'Re-Register' your game to get your stuffed man back.  So when you to install it (in the Resource/Toyz folder) press 'Yes' for overwriting the original file! 


Special Notes About The Bubble Clothes

ABOUT Bubble Hats:  These happened to be another set of files I came across in our game that I couldn't find where they were in the house or any explanation of them.  So I set about to make them show up in the game so we could use them!  (With a little suggestion from Megan.  T'ankies!)  I'm not really sure what their intention was with these items.  Perhaps they were all meant to appear on our babyz when we put them in the tub or took them out of the tub.  However the Bubble Hats fall off like regular clothing when you put them in the bathtub.  The bubble hats are a neat extra special touch for pictures you're taking for 'Bubble Butt' pageants or the like. ;)

ABOUT Bubble Pants:  When put on a baby these pants actually look exactly like our babyz when they come out of the bathtub.  The extra special touch is that they can go over regular clothing!    In all the pants aren't really that great of an item, it's actually easier just to plop our babyz into the bathtub then put all these on. hehe  But I'm including them for you with the hats in case anyone would like to have them.

INSTALLING NOTES:  These files are designed to overwrite the files in your game!  Without allowing this file to overwrite the ones in your game you'll never see these bubble clothes at any other time.  So when you install them press 'Yes' for overwriting the original files!  These will all show up as a light green jumper in the changing room on the hairbow shelf.
**Special Note:  These will not in anyway affect the bubbles that appear on your babyz when they come out of the tub!  No worries there! ;)

QUIRKS:  There are some quirks with these items.  First is that the hat falls off when you put them in the bathtub.  Second, is if you put the bubble pants on over top of clothing when you pick the baby up the bubbles will disappear.  Or they will get 'stuck' on the baby.  And the only way to get them off is to put the baby in the bathtub anyway.  Which is really ironic. LOL

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