Baiyoke 2 & World's Tallest Skyscrapers

Baiyoke 2 and Petronas Towers
The current world's tallest buildings, the twin Petronas towers in Kuala Lumpur is officially 130m taller than Baiyoke2 Tower. So how does these mammoth 88 storey towers stand  against Bangkok's tallest ?  I figured a scaled 3D model would give us a rough idea for comparing the two..
Petronas / Baiyoke2 (with proposed telecommunication tower)
How does the proposed telecommunication tower for Biyoke2 stack up?
Petronas / Baiyoke2 / Sears
With the proposed telecommunication tower, the height of the Baiyoke2 would increased to 460 metres.  Although it is most certain that any claim on the part of Baiyoke 2 as the world's tallest skyscrapers will be met with strong opposition. Supporters of The Petronas and Sears towers already bitterly divided over which of those buildings should be given the honourary title of the world's tallest building.  Sears Tower in Chicago already lost out in this battle  for supremacy  (it holds the record unrivalled anywhere for over 20 years). Then  Petronas came and  its  76m tall spires evoke new controversy. In 1997, the Council for Tall Building and Urban Habitat based in Bethlehem, MA (US) already ruled in favour of Petronas being taller towers because the Council considered  its decorative spires as  'integral' to its overall architectural image. One the other hand  Sears tower , which also sport a tall TV antennae, were not considered otherwise. Similar debate would definitely ensued  if Baiyoke 2's telecommunication tower went ahead. Some height fanatic would called this late modification of design as cheating'. Whatever the outcome may be, Mr Baiyoke, developer and owner of Baiyoke 2  has already made clear, he doesn't want to get throwninto this controversy.  He was quoted as saying in a Thai Newspaper, that he only want the antennae so that more people in Bangkok can enjoy a better TV and radio reception..
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Baiyoke 2 in the shadow of other world skyscrapers
(from left to right: Baiyoke2, Jin Mao, Sears, Petronas, CN tower)
Another comparison of Baiyoke2 with other famous skyscrapers around the world, the diagram above include the Commerzbank tower (Frankfurt) - furthest left
Bangkok Highrises (c)2000

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