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15 Affordable and Nutritious Breakfast Ideas Under $2


2. Baked Egg Muffins with Cherry Tomatoes and Feta

Find out the breakfast dish that's sweeping the web! Not only are these baked feta and cherry tomato egg muffins aesthetically pleasing, but they also taste wonderful. Sliced cherry tomatoes and cubes of feta are placed in muffin tins. Pour some beaten eggs into the cups. You'll have a batch of delicious muffins ready to eat after a short 15-minute bake in the oven.


3. English muffin with peanut butter and bananas

Put peanut butter on a toasted English muffin for a breakfast that is high in potassium and protein. To enhance the tastes, top with some cinnamon and a few slices of banana. This straightforward but delicious mixture will give you the boost in vigor you need for a successful day at work or school.

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