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What's New For 2002?:

The first ever
Mulletboy movie!
Cellphones, a piano concert, and a boy with a mullet. It's pure genius!

The Clique proudly presents the baddest, loudest, phattest mo'fo in children's television...
Jesus The Talking Fish!
Yo, yo! What up, suckas!

Star Wars meets daytime TV talk-shows, in
Jedi Springer
Artificial insemination?
Filmed shortly before How Le Grinch Stole ENSOC, and now fully on the web!
Also includes "Demonopoly" from "Whacky Adbreak #1."

How Le Grinch Stole ENSOC
Daryl Le Grinch!
The mask is back - in a double-sequel!

The Mortals
The Mortals!
Just like an 80's sitcom only crunchy! Click on the pic to find out more!

In the year 2000 my "Canterbury Student Culture"-based parody of The Sound of Music titled "The Sound Of ENSOC" won "Best Script" at the University of Canterbury's DTR Ed Wood Student Videos Competition. Click on the either of the images below for the script and screenshots of The Sound Of ENSOC (a musical, obviously).

Glug glug Wrong lines!

Other "Too Much Spare Time" Films:

* Canned Slaughter (1999, 7 minutes, a silent musical about can-crushing)

* Darel Le Grew (2000, 4 minutes, yet another musical; thanks to the Department of political Propaganda)
All your fees are belong to us!

* That Improv Show: Behind The Scenes (2000-2001, 38 minutes, a doco about That Improv Show, a University of Canterbury DramaSoc show)

Something Utterly Daft:
So you wanna see an animated GIF of some hilarious footage that I made in my own backyard? (Well, technically, my landlord's own backyard)Click here for "THE LYNX EFFECT" (623K)

* The Hairstyle Hunter

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