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About this page:

• "Get position" button retrieves your local GPS coordinates (if your browser allows it).
If your browser is unable to retrieve geolocation, you can manually enter GPS latitude and longitude and press "Set location" to retrieve weather information.

• "Set location" button updates weather information data based on selected GPS coordinates and selected weather provider

• You can choose within four different weather providers. As soon as you select and option, it automatically updates weather information.

• If the retrieved weather data from the API does not match your realtime local conditions, you can manually choose the right weather condition that will keep selected for a desired time period whether it is 15, 30 or 60 minutes.

• Once that selected time is over, the page automatically switches to automatic mode and weather condition is updated each minute using selected weather provider and selected GPS coordinates.

• About the green switches, the one for settings, simply hides this panel. The Automatic Mode switch retrieves weather information from the selected provider on selected GPS coords, and hides this panel.

Automatic Mode

Incorrect weather? Correct it for a while: