A Rogues' Gallery of Bolians

The other blue-skinned race!


The Bolians, a humanoid race originating on Bolarus IX, have a similar blue countenance to Andorians, but there the resemblance ends. Bolians have extremely long earlobes and a vertical, bifurcating ridge along their heads and bodies. Many Bolians also have darker blue markings on their (often bald) scalps.

Bolians have blue blood [Deep Space Nine: The Adversary], but a very different blood chemistry to most other Federation races, which usually makes interspecies transfusions fatal to Bolians. [Voyager: Prototype] They also have a cartilaginous lining on their tongues [Voyager: Flashback]. Most Bolians believe in the "Double Effect Principle", a form of assisted suicide [Voyager: Death Wish]. A Bolian marriage often has more than two partners. [Deep Space Nine: Field of Fire].

The Bolians: frequent Federation faces

Captain Rixx,
USS Thomas Paine
(Michael Berryman)
TNG: Conspiracy
Cadet Mitena Haro,
[False image]
(Joycelyn O'Brien)
TNG: Allegiance
V'Sal Mot,
USS Enterprise-D
(Ken Thorley)
several episodes
Bolian delegate,
Archeology Council
USS Enterprise-D
TNG: Qpid

Lt Zar Hranok,
USS Saratoga
(Stephen Davies)
DS9: Emissary
Quark's Bar
Deep Space
Ambassador to DS9
(Jack Shearer)
The Forsaken
Starfleet Academy
(Rudolph Willrich)
DS9: Paradise Lost

Quark's Bar

Deep Space
Quark's Bar

Hard Time
Freighter Xhosa
(John Prosky)
DS9: For
the Cause
Ajilon Prime
(Mark Holton)
DS9: ... Nor the
Battle to the Strong

USS Enterprise-D

USS Enterprise-D
(Dennis Tracy)
Bolian Borg,
Borg Cube

First Contact
USS Enterprise-E

First Contact


DS9: Let He Who
is Without Sin...
New Essentialist,
(Frank Kopyc)
DS9: Let He Who
is Without Sin...

as Usual
Lt Boq'ta
(Andy Milder)

DS9: Empok Nor


Farius Prime

DS9: Honor
Among Thieves
Lt Rolk,
Security Chief
USS Enterprise-E

Spectre novels
Crewman Chell,
Former Maquis
USS Voyager
(Derek McGrath)
Learning Curve,
Elite Force CD-ROMs,
Repression, Lineage,
Ensign Golwat,
Former Maquis
USS Voyager

Hars Adislo,
Starfleet dignitary
USS Enterprise-E

(John Hostetter)

Zim Brott,
& family
Deep Space Nine

(Chris Kelly)
Field of Fire
of Sandrine's,
USS Voyager
Someone to
Watch Over Me
Cmdr Tiris Jast,
USS Defiant
DS9: N-Vector
comic miniseries,
TNG: Maximum Warp
novel duology,
DS9: Avatar novel

Ardon Broht,
Broht & Forrester

(Barry Gordon)
Author, Author
Transport vessel


25th century
female cadet,

Ty Mijoral,
Security Officer

Away Team

Lt Cmdr
Solian Jarso Brex,
Chief Engineer,
USS Dauntless
(Andy Milder)
Bridge Commander


* Bolarus IX and The Cliffs of Bole, are named for Star Trek: The Next Generation director, Cliff Bole.

* When first introduced, the barber later known as Mr Mot was portrayed by Shelly Desai, and was named "V'Sal" in the Star Trek: The Next Generation script of Data's Day. Mot featured in The Host, Ensign Ro, and (off screen) Unification Part I. Also the TNG hardcover novels Genesis Wave, Books 1 and 2.

* A short, comedy scene was cut from the Star Trek: The Next Generation episode script, The Chase, in which it was revealed by Mot that Bolarus IX was not yet a member of the United Federation of Planets.

* A Bolian crewman (portrayed by Leonard Jones) was seen in Time's Arrow and a Bolian bar patron in Birthright Part I.

* "Zar" was the name given to this Bolian in the Pocket Books Star Trek: Deep Space Nine novel Saratoga, even though he'd already been named Hranok in the novelisation of Emissary.

* Lysia Arlin, a Bolian shopkeeper who sells jumja sticks on The Promenade, may find Odo attractive. [Deep Space Nine: Shadowplay and Defiant]

* A Bolian (Jeff Austin) appeared in the Deep Space Nine episode, The Adversary.

* A traditional feature of Bolian cuisine is that much use is made of meat that has been allowed to partially decay. [Deep Space Nine: Crossfire]

* Bolian tonic water is a refreshing beverage. [Deep Space Nine: Paradise Lost]

* The human name "Frederick" translates as a Bolian obscenity. [Voyager: Dreadnought]

* When power to the USS Voyager's lavatories is compromised, Neelix warns to be wary of the Bolians. Obviously, he knows something about Bolians which we don't.

* Chell and his colleague Bokk, also a former Maquis, feature in the Voyager novel, Marooned. Bokk comes to a sticky end.

* A group of Bolians help Jadzia Dax celebrate her forthcoming wedding to Worf at a party in her quarters. Although one brawls with Morn, the Bolian and Lurien end up as dancing partners. [Deep Space Nine: You Are Cordially Invited.]

* A Bolian is present at Quark's when Captain Sisko is awarded the Christopher Pike Medal of Valor. [Deep Space Nine: Tears of the Prophets]

* Morn deposits the proceeds of the Lissepian Mother's Day Heist in an account at the Bank of Bolarus. [Deep Space Nine: Who Mourns for Morn?]

* One of the guests at Ezri Dax's welcoming party is a Bolian Starfleet officer. [Deep Space Nine: Afterimage.]

* One of the Borg victims' memories experienced by Seven of Nine is a Bolian manicurist. [Voyager: Infinite Regress]

* Reference is made of the late Zim Brott's "wife and co-husband". [Deep Space Nine: Field of Fire]

* Frnats is a female Bolian security guard with the Starfleet Corps of Engineers. [SCE ebook series]

* Bolian Starfleet officer Pheytus is the victim of some highly inappropriate teasing and pregnant pauses due to the pronunciation of his name. [New Frontier novel, Gateways: Cold Wars]

* Yraxys is a females science officer with botanical expertise. [Star Trek: Away Team CD-ROM]

* Lieutenant Commander Dorthan of the USS Gagarin is one of the first Bolian graduates of Starfleet. [TOS novel, In the Name of Honor]

* If you are scratching your head trying to work out the mystery of Captain Sulu's Bolian Chief Medical Officer, Dr Altos Viger (right):

He's a made up character, created in Photoshop by Curt Danhauser for his great USS Excelsior site, using a photograph of actor James Sloyan, a veteran guest player of Star Trek incarnations.

Most other Bolian graphics © Paramount Pictures Corp. and Malibu Comics. Reproduced for research purposes only. This web page is not intended to infringe on copyrights held by Paramount/Viacom.

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