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-The Amritsar Ivory Works is the Finest and oldest running Luxury Wood Chess Pieces Manufacturing Company on
the earth since 1962. Here we introduce you the widest range of Luxury wood chess pieces with
knowledge of decades in chess industry and the legacy of last three generations experience to
produce the finest chess equipment. Our research over almost past 60 years in chess industry has
lead us to the constant perfection in designing, craftsmanship , best quality with great reputation
chess manufacturing company worldwide.
We welcome and adore you to explore the extremely beautiful chess piece manufactured with
the aim to provide royal, luxury and flawless world’s best quality wood chess pieces. These
foremost chess sets are manufactured in various designs, sizes and wood combination is the rare
hand craftsmanship intended to make the beautiful collection for chess lovers globally.
The uniqueness of our self created designs and magnificent carved pieces is real edge of fabulous
craftsmanship which takes the level of luxury chess pieces very high. Our turners and carvers are
dedicated to their work for creating the constant and finest work on every single piece very
carefully. The elegance of craftsmanship on every design is beyond the expectation and
imagination of anyone.
The selection of the wood for these chess pieces is done with the special care to get the best
exotic natural grain wood. The most experience master craftsmen of our factory with a great
knowledge of hand craftsmanship and long learning period has given us the opportunity to
design richest art of workmanship to produce beautiful chess sets.
The chess empire welcomes and adores the presence of all chess lovers, Chess collectors who
now can have an opportunity to explore the exclusively.