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Fitness and Sleep Tracking Apps in Mobile App Development


Sleep is a crucial practice for maintaining one’s health. In a survey, it is recorded that 62% of adults feel that they don’t sleep well, because of various problems such as stress, worry, work schedules, health conditions, and disruptors (Bad Habits), etc.  Through constant exercises and a good daily routine, an individual can nurture his/her health. This is where Fitness activity and sleep tracking apps in mobile apps development come into play.
Sleep deprivation can cause several long-term diseases:

1. Heart disease and Heart failure

2. Weak immune system

3. Kidney diseases

4. Depression

5. Diabetes

The only possibility for having a good sleep is to keep oneself free from stress and worry because they are the main reason for sleep deprivation. As mentioned before, exercises and a good daily routine can aid in eradicating sleep deprivation.
The majority of the adults hit the gym for maintaining their health, but some individuals are held back from doing so because of work or school schedules. Since technology had taken over the world, it has helped people to live their lives seamlessly.
Hence, fitness activity and sleep tracking apps in mobile apps development aid individuals to outline their day to day routine and assists in tracking their progress for both body and sleep activity.There are several successful activities and sleep tracking apps in the market today, providing excellent services, some of them are:

1. Google fit

2. Map my fitness

3. Charity miles

4. The Johnson & Johnson official seven-minute workout

5. Fitbit

6. Sleep cycle alarm clock

 Fitness activity tracking correlates with the sleep tracking feature of the app for providing the user’s all-round health maintenance because it is an individual duty to maintain his/her health. 

Development of Fitness Activity and Sleep Tracking Apps in Mobile Apps development:The development process includes front-end development, back-end development and the final process of deployment. 

1. Front-End Development – Designing:
The Front-end development of an app includes User Interface (UI) & User experience (UX) Design as they are of supreme importance in the software or application development process. UI and UX design are the foundation of any app or software being built. UI is the aesthetics of an application. In simple words, it is the appearance i.e. style, font, and color, etc. of an application. A Good UI designer will go through a long and exhausting process of understanding the requirements and expectations of the end-users and design an application that can aesthetically satisfy the end-user. UX is the user’s emotion or attitude on using the app.  UX process is extensive, which includes many important processes like wireframing and probing. User Interface & User Experience together are essential in furnishing an application both aesthetically alluring and seamless.

2. Back-End Development – Development:Back-end development is the key process, in the rendering of fitness activity and sleep tracking apps in mobile apps development. Back-end development includes programming. The developers work hard in developing the app according to the expectations of the end-users. UX Designers support the back-end developers in achieving a seamless sensation. They guide the developers to furnish an application according to the data analyzed – the wireframes and prototypes.  

Deployment Platforms:The platform should be determined beforehand so that the designing and the developing process would be executed accordingly, for example, Android, iOS, Blackberry, etc. Different platforms have different programming languages hence the specifications should be decided beforehand. 

Features to be included in the fitness activity and sleep tracking apps in mobile apps development:

1. Sleep Tracker:Sleep Tracker is the most essential feature to consider while developing an app because it offers a variety of data including sleep patterns, heart rate, blood oxygen levels, breathing patterns. Mobile apps of this sort use sensor to recognize the action when the user sleeps and render insights about the user’s sleep patterns to help them sleep healthy.

2. Workout and Exercise Tracking:Fitness is a wise way to live a healthy life. Nowadays, people with obesity problems and low weight are prone to heart diseases and diabetes. Workout and calorie counter features are used by individuals to live a healthy and sound life. Fitness apps are already using this feature to help people conquer fitness goals by recording calories consumed and burned, providing fitness coaching and healthy recipes for a perfect diet.

3.Reminders and Notification:The app should be equipped with a reminder and push notification feature to help prompt the users about the workout session. The reminder and notification feature of the app is a crucial feature for such apps. In our engaged lives, our routines can be forgotten hence reminders and notifications can help us be conscious of our routine and assist us in following the activities without fail.

4. Food Diet Tracker:Food diet tracker is a helpful feature for the user because it helps the users to keep track of what they consume and the number of calories they consume regularly. Users can keep track of how many calories they consume and maintain food consumption and can live a healthy lifestyle. This feature should also offer users with healthy recipes for a balanced and healthy diet. This is one of the most important features to be included in fitness activity and sleep tracking apps in mobile apps development.

5. Setting goals and tracking:Setting goals and tracking feature can help users set goals on their fitness objectives and can keep track of their achievements. Users can calculate time, distance, speed from the records and can keep track. Users can get notified about their workout goals and can track their progress in real-time.

These are some of the features, the fitness activity, and sleep tracking apps in mobile app development can offer its user, these features of the application assist the users to live a healthy lifestyle.

Points to consider before hiring a App Development Company:

1. Cost

2. Duration

3. Quality

4. Security

5. Cloning

6. Hosting.