Welcome to the home of Dragonmount’s Green Ajah Community! We are here to serve and protect the White Tower, and are commonly known as the Battle Ajah.

     The Wheel of Time books state that the primary goal of the Green Ajah is to hold themselves ready for Tarmon Gai’don, the Last Battle with the Dark One. Fierce fighters of Shadowspawn, they are also known for their appreciation of men, a trait fairly rare among the other Ajahs. Green sisters do not believe in limiting themselves to only one Warder. Some have been known to bond three or more at one time.
     As part of the Dragonmount community our priorities differ slightly. We have a tendency to befriend Shadowspawn, namely two over-friendly Trollocs. We do serve and protect, sticking up for the White Tower in times of need, and defending Novices and Accepteds against Wolfkin. The men are still part of the deal, and we are prone to be found in the Warder’s community board, trying to find just one more willing bondee. And of course, we love to party and have fun.

Browns seek knowledge, Blues meddle in causes, and Whites consider the questions of truth with implacable logic. We all do some of it all of course. But to be a Green means to stand ready.”
-Alanna Sedai, Sister of the Green Ajah

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The importance and the magic of the Green Ajah, from members of the past:

“There is also a common misconception concerning the Green Ajah. Namely, that Greens are nothing but empty headed flirts. Nothing could be farther from the truth. The Green Ajah, as I said, is the Battle Ajah. They are dedicated to fight against the Dark, specifically at Tarmon Gai’don. They bond more than one Warder, with this in mind. I’m not saying that Greens do not flirt. They do. However, they are not the only Ajah to do so. Also, think of how many times valuable information can be gathered through simple flirtation.”
~~ Markieta Sedai, Introduction to the Seven Ajahs

“Our importance is our mission to stand ready for the last battle. Why are we the best? Because we are all kick ass and take names.”
~~ Mandi’s thoughts on the Battle Ajah

“I chose the Green Ajah because I knew I wanted to battle, I knew I wanted to be in the heat of battle. I wanted to kick butt, and to teach the evil people a lesson!”
~~The reason why Ladria Sedai chose the Green Ajah

“It’s the best Ajah because it is, no questions asked!”
~~Belina Sedai, when asked why the Green Ajah is the best

“I chose Green to be honest because I want to be in the most active and WORTHWHILE Ajah there is, I want to be out fighting the shadow face to face !”
~~ Taya Sedai’s reason to join the Green Ajah

“I’ve been Head of the Green Ajah and Sitter in the Hall of the Tower for several years now. Some times have been very hard, sometimes I wonder whether I’m fit to be Aes Sedai. I hate fighting, I hate politics. And still, I love the Tower, I love to fight for the Light. If we win Tarmon Gai’don because I was Head of the Battle Ajah, me, a child of Darkfriends and a woman bearing the name of a Forsaken, then it is my triumph to spit in the Dark One’s eyes.
That is what I live for, and it is what I will die for.”

~~Lanfir Sedai, during a hot discussion concerning Ajah choices

“Browns have books. Greens have men. Blues have justice. Greens have limbs flying through the air. Whites have logic. Greens have alcohol. Greys have consensus. Greens have horrible arguments and reconciliation alcohol afterwards. Reds have… welllll…a clearly recognizable shawl. Greens have large swords. Yellows have Healing. Greens have the famous “Try sewing THAT head back on”- quote. Blacks have the Dark One. Greens have the Dark One too, tied to the bed and in a rhinestone studded tanga. Be honest. What would YOU chose?”
~~ Ryell Sedai allows us to try to understand her reasons for joining the Green Ajah



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