Website Idea - Digital and Film photos by Tasha Brothers

Summary - My site will show off the photos that I have taken using either a digital or film camera, that are able to be purchased.

Content - My site will be filled mostly with photographs that I have taken along with the title I gave them. I will also list prices of the different sizes of photographs that can be bought and on what type of medium.

Competition - Lynn Chamberlain-Camera Outdoors, what I like about his site is that it is simple with just a white background but it helps the colorful photos stand out more. I also like how he does have his photos put into specific collections and are all under one tab instead of having many tabs on the home page. I also like his simple bio of who he is and has a photo of himself that shows who he is. I do like the drop down menu on each print that shows what size you can buy, as well as what medium you can buy the print on. What I do dislike about his page is that on the home page he does show off some collection and talks a bit about them but you are not able to click on the photo to take you to the entire collection. I also dislike how when you do find a photo you like when you click on that photo it shows you a higher price then the lowest one that states the photo starts from. Nick Adams, what I like about his page is that he does have a blog of his most recent works and even goes into detial about the event. I also like that he lists all types of photographs he takes. What I dislike about his page is that he has many tabs on the side of his site which makes it feel a bit overwhelming, I also don't like how his services and contact me tabs are of a smaller font size. I also dislike that when you do click on a tab to show the photos it automatically shows the inlarged first photo on the page instead of going right to the thumbnails of that collection. Andrew Shoemaker: I do like the look of how professional his site is with a black background and the fancy lettering it really does feel like a fine arts website. I also like how his blog shows all stories that he has put up and not just the most current one he listed. What I dislike about his page is that on some pages like his Pacific Green tab he has the information about this after all of the photos I think that is something that should go before to explain what the viewer is going to be looking at. I also don't like how the photo of himself is posed instead of him acting natural. Chris Marler: I like that he also does have a darker background as it does really make the photos colors really pop and that he does have a fade in photo at the very top to have his site name stand out more. I also like how he included the location of where the photograph was taken, I also like how he uses the word galleries for the categories that his photos belong to. I also like how he has a testimonials page and a page that explains why the photo you buy is unique for you. What I dislike of his page is how he has his about me in the footer of every page including his about me page, I do think he only needs his about me in one place so he needs to pick. I am also not a fan of his news tab as it just gets peoples hopes up to see what he is going to take a photo of and if the plans fall throguh then he has disappointed customers as they were looking forward to seeing his new photos. I also dislike how he offers discounts as it feels like he does not fully value his art work and it also has some question on why he does not just sell the photos at that price to begin with. Dean Mcleod: I really liked the slide show he has on his home page of showing off his photos and then having the photo being shown in a frame and hung up in a living environment. I also like how he explains the edition number he added to the photo with a signature to prove that this is his photo and there are only this many he is allowing to be printed. I do like how he has the many extra links at the very bottom of the pages so you can see everything he has to offer but it does not distract from the main goal of his page. I also enjoy how he has multiple photos of himself in his about me page as it shows more sides to him. I dislike how he has a lot of tabs at the top, I do feel like some of them such as his art shows tab can go down at the bottom of the page with all his other links.

Purpose - To show my abilities with taking photographs and to spread my photos around the world. I also want to show how unique I am with still processing film photography as that is not as widely done as digital photography is.

Desired Results - The main goal for my site is to have many people look and admire my photos as well as potentially buy a photograph from me and spread word to family and friends of the beauty I am trying to capture in a photograph.

Target Audience - My target audience is mostly anyone who loves photography, but mostly people 20 and up as I am trying to sell my photography to those who love it and want to have a photo hung in their home.