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    Elijah Albert Turner / E. A. Turner, Junior -
    Everything but the kitchen sink -

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    Folded Leaves of Paper -
    Fort Lashley / Leslie -
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    Garrett Genes - Alabama -
    Generations Before Me - Mysteries -
    German Ancestors -
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    Haille -Hale - Hall Connections -
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    Irish Ancestors -

    Jewish Ancestry -
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    Journey of the Webb Tree Crawler -
    Justice Family in America -

    Kandel's Child -

    Macedonia North Baptist Church Cemetery -
    Mayo Family and Kin in Alabama -
    My Archive - Scrapbook - 2020 -
    My Calcis Family Scrapbook -
    myalabamacousins -

    Native Kin -

    Odom-Brown Family in North Carolina -
    Our Italian Ancestors -
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    Our Owen-Teague Cousins -

    Patty - Pate - Petty Family in America -
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    Scottish Ancestors -
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    Taracat's Family -
    Teague and Allied families of Alabama -
    Toe River Valley (NC) Ancestors -
    Turner family in America -

    Watson Family in Alabama -
    Wright-Davis Connections in Ala -

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Welcome to my "GEOCITIES.WS" website!

I had a page on Yahoo's many years ago -- I hope to find the original INDEX.html page and update it. Then upload to this address.

In the mean time, I will place this brief page here, for you to see what else I do with my time. These links are to FAMILY sites, that me and my cousins maintain. This too, is just the tip of an iceburg -- 'WE' have family tree data scattered across the internet, and various GEDCOM friendly sites/services; as well as DNA interpretive sites.

Here are a few FREE sites for Genealogy and Family Tree projects:


UPDATE:  June 16, 2023

I know, I should have reviewed this earlier --

what can I say; "life happens"

I have in recent days. been reviewing quite a number of things, online (and OFF).


 Recent 'obsessions' include:

1. ANCESTRY - 'Quick Trees'.

2. "Brother's" action Photos, and related Facebook group.

3. "Chanticleer" archives - and my 'personal scrapbook'

4. Personal photo archives/writings

5. Weaving (as always..)

6. FREE Streaming shows (while weaving, typeing, coding; or surfing the net)

7. HTML pages/list and indexes for the above listed items.



Fran B. (from KATZ) asked about a friendship bracelet; with JSU colors -- I expect to do at least 3, and send probably two to him. It has been a while since I worked on bracelets. Most recent projects have been head-/hat-bands, and a belt or two.

The FACEBOOK group has been very active since weekk of May 19th -- with additional facts and stories livening the discussions; and complimenting the photos that I continue to post.

Along with the FB group, the related "Brother's Patron..." BLOG at WordPress had a major spike in visitors, earlier this month -- nearly 2,000 views in one day!!

I have also learned "where are they" now about several folks from Brother's Band days -- and expect to hear from more folks, as the group comments come in.




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