A Retroactive Monument for a Chimerical City - 1999

Exhibited at the �Corneesh� (Beirut�s seaside promenade), produced by Ashkal-Alwan



I want to be what the official �Corneesh� discourse wants me to be. I want to please the new Arab Lebanon, the public, the ministry of culture and organizing committee, of course. I want to be an artist.

I will buy and exhibit a plaster statue. I would have preferred marble but it�s expensive, it�s alright though, because I will paint the plaster statue gold. It will certainly be a statue of a woman, because a woman�s body looks better than that of a man. This is common knowledge.





I will place the statue on a gold pedestal, facing the sea. The people who will sit on the bench covered with red velvet cushions will have the woman�s bottom in their faces, but it�s alright because it will be painted gold.








Extracts from an imaginary interview with the artist who created the Gold Statue:

What does abstraction represent to you?

Abstraction is a very authentic and traditional mode of expression, since Islamic Art, based on the repetition of geometric forms.

And sculpture?

I wonder how I got to sculpture. I don�t know.

What was the reaction to your avant-gardist style?

The public received my first works very badly. It continued till the mid 80�s, but it changed dramatically since I started having shows in Europe�s and the world�s greatest museums.

What do your sculptures add to the house they�re in?

They are a pleasure to the senses, like a beautiful woman we would like to look at her all the time.

Do you like women?

Of course.


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