Tiny Angels Gallery
The following pages contain photos with ~11 to 17 years old Girls. Photographed by famous photographers like David Hamilton, James Bas, Jacques Bourboulon, Kou Osaka, Jock Sturges, Larry Clark etc. etc.

This superb collection of legal, tasteful nudes contains no pornography - no sexual situations or lewd poses.

For more information, please read the german page.
Legal Information
Our entire range complies with the criteria of sexual criminal law currently in force in Poland, which is basically in line with Switzerland, Dutch etc. legislation and thus compatible with the EU.

Countries outside the EU have other regulations; for instance, the lowest age for persons who can appear in pornographic photographs has been set at 18 here. For art pictures there is no age limit! But in America it varies from one state to another. The laws are often even more restrictive in certain Arab countries and the Middle East generally.

I am not a lawyer and I can't give you legal advice. It is up to you to determine if these kinds of images are legal in your own area. I can assure you that it is legal under federal laws, and under California laws. As far as we know there are no State laws against this kind of material.

Images such as the ones displayed can be purchased at large bookstores all over the USA. Photo Artists such as David Hamilton and Jock Sturgis have made careers photographing nude adolescent females. At one point Jock Sturgis was raided by the FBI. He won in court because material such as this is constitutionally protected.

We are against child pornography and this ain't it. There are very specific guidelines called the Dost Factors, they come from a 1986 case: U.S. vs. Dost, and were later affirmed by the Ninth Circuit U.S.Court of Appeals. The Dost factors are used to help determine if an image contains the lacivious exhibition of the genitals or pubic area as referred to in United States Code Title 18 Part 1 Chapter 110 Section 2256, and which would make an image child pornography

It is our position that all of the models in the Tiny Angels Gallery Web site posed willing and are currently OK with the fact that their images are publicly displayed. Not all cultures are as uptight as we are about the nude human body. If we ever received credible information that any image in this web site was produced under questionable conditions which disrespected the model, we would remove it (that has never happened).

In our opinion beautiful nude females ages 12 thru 19 are spectacular. Many people across many cultures and many times agree. God made them, and it's OK for us to enjoy respectfully admiring them.

We also are sensitive to the fact that many well-intentioned, good people have a different opinion and feel that it is awful for such images to be displayed.

Die Bilder sind in Deutschland legal, was nicht zuletzt durch eine Überprüfung seitens des BKA am 14.Dezember 1998 bestätigt wurde. Mehr dazu kannst du in diesem Forum nachlesen.

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