How to contact me

There are many reasons somebody would like to contact me.

I choose to be contacted by email only.
Be aware I might not be able to read my email as often as I would like. Please, be patient if I do not answer you instantly.
I also choose who to answer too. Here are some example criteria (the list is not exhaustive):

  1. Special request for software.
    If you want me to improve my published software for example or you found a bug, this sort of thing.
    Anything to do with my published software.

  2. Special request for Code
    If you feel like I can help you with a Delphi code, why not. Do not expect me to do your home work thought.

  3. A Job offer.
    You want to hire me, make me an offer?

  4. Idea to improve this web site
    Typos, critics (constructive), etc.

  5. Donnation.
    If you appreciate my work, I do not mind a donation.

I will never answer: Insults, Spam, destructive critics, offensive email and the like. Major rule: if I don't like it I will ignore it.

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