Official website of the TACTICAL OVERLOAD Game Soundtrack

(c) Abram Jones

All songs with artist name Tactical Overload were sequenced by Abe Jones and his band. The remainder were sequenced by the following musicians and added with permission.

Andrew Petterson
Benjamin Robert Tubb
Bob Gaynor
Bob's Mighty MIDI
Damian Smirnov
Elan Michaels
Emanuele Angelino
Eugene Hayek
Fernando Berni
Frank Lennon
Hans Pizka
Hetzler's Fakebook
Jan Willem van Dormolen
JG Maurandi
Jim McIntyre
Jim Redfarn
Ole Dan
Kent Stevens
Marc Lemonnier
Michiel Overtoom
SeaGoat Music
Sujin Wonglakorn
Thomas C Gannon
Tom Jermine
Tom Wagner
Trolley Trev
Vic Sagerquist

I am always looking for MIDI sequencers to feature on the soundtrack. Only originals and songs in public domain can be used unless you have special rights to use someone else's song. Tactical Overload does not seek exclusive ownership of your MIDI files, only permission to use them. I offer musicians a shared 10% revenue that is split between sequencers depending on number of songs. However, the game is limited in its commercial abilities, meaning that I do not seek or expect to make much money from it. It is a labor of love that will probably cost me a lot more than it will make me. If you are interested in having your work featured contact me, I am interested in many different genres of music. [email protected]