Website Idea - My Portfolio

Summary - This is my portfolio where I can disply all of the work I have done in college so far. I will be able to show this to future employers.

Content - This site will contain my work from Dixie Sun News, my work with 91.3 The Blaze, and from all of my other college courses. I will get the information from folders on my computer, pictures from my camera roll, etc.

Competition - My competition will be other individuals in the media department. I want to make my portoflio stand out amongst other people in the media by using unique colors that I feel represent me, uniques ways to represent the work I have done in college, and an easy layout for people to look at. I want it to feel inviting and promising.

Purpose - Future employers will care that I have spent the time to put together this website. It shows that I am passionate about my work and presenting myself.

Desired Results - I want my site to represent me. I want to make it a unique portolfio to me. Something that will set me apart from others in media.

Target Audience - Future employers, colleagues, family and friends, current employers, professors, etc. Most will be people I am aquantied with because they will be the ones that care. Ages and gender will vary depending on the type of job I am applying for. I am assuming most of my visitors will be involved in the media as that is the field I am in currently.