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Voice is one of the most noted and important personality building characteristics of a person. The source of this most important aspect of human personality is the throat where our voice box is present that produces the speech or our voice which  is the primary form to convey our thoughts and feelings to other fellow human beings and leave an everlasting impact on them. Words are very powerful, it has the ability to do anything including motivate , revolutionise and bring an unbelievable change in the world. But a few aliments in our throat can create an obstacle in conveying the powerful voice freely to the universe. In this article we will discuss two basic ailments of the throat that obstructs us from freely speaking or conveying our voice. This is nothing but the very common dry cough and itchy throat. Often, the two accompany each other.


Cough is quite common as it is a natural reflex for our body  but it becomes a hectic problem when it starts occurring frequently and disturbs our ease or comfort. In the previous years the covid fatality that mankind has faced , increased the fear of coughing a lot more because it is the primary symptom of covid. Now, cough, especially dry cough should be taken seriously and not to be kept unbothered as it was 4 to 5 years ago.Naturally, cough is accompanied with cold and sore throat during winters or due to heavy consumption of icy cold beverages, water or desserts. It is cured easily on its own within weeks. But Dry cough and itchy throat has no specific season for its occurrence. It occurs year round throughout the season and it is mainly a disease caused due to chemical or physical reasons rather than a seasonal disease

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