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Class 10 Nepali Guide Book - SEE Chapter wise Solution


Class 10 Nepali Guide [Updated 2079]

You may be searching for Class 10 Nepali Notes On Internet continuously. You may find many website and articles which claim that they will provide you the complete note but none of them will provide you the complete note. But, here you will find the complete chapter wise notes of grade 10 Nepali subject. Scroll down to view the names of each chapters incase if you don't know the chapter name.

Is this note helpful for students?

This guide contains all question answers as well as grammer parts which is very helpful for students. It contains long question answers according to the need of syllabus. So this note is very much helpful for grade 10 students who are preparing for SEE Examination.

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Grade 10 Nepali Book: Preface

To make education purposeful, practical, contemporary and employment-oriented, the work of developing and revising the curriculum, textbooks have been continued at different times. By inculcating in the students a sense of nation, national unity and democratic culture, they can contribute to the building of an ethical, disciplined and self-reliant, creative, thoughtful and inclusive society. It is necessary to develop. It is necessary to instil in them a sense of protection and promotion of art and beauty, human values, ideals and features. To help in building an egalitarian society, it is necessary to inculcate in them a sense of belonging to different castes, genders, disabilities, languages, religions, cultures and regions, and to develop responsible behaviour conscious of human rights and social values. Based on the Secondary Education Curriculum (Class 9-10), 2071, this textbook has been prepared by incorporating the suggestions of various commissions on education, seminars involving various people related to education including teachers, students and parents and the findings of interactions and feedback received in various schools. Mr Baburam Poudel, Executive Director of the Center, Pvt. Dr. Kedar Prasad Sharma, Pvt. Dr Ramnath Ojha, Pvt. Ramesh Bhattarai, Chandrakant Bhusal, Dr Gita Kharel, Madhu Prasad Timilsina, Siddhi Bahadur Maharjan and other dignitaries have made special contributions. The subject matter of this textbook is edited by Rajni Dhimal and language edited by Chinakumari Niraula, illustrated by Kuldeep Jung Bahadur Gurung, layout design by Bhavana Sharma. 

The Curriculum Development Center would like to thank all those involved in the development and revision of the textbook. Textbooks are considered an important tool for teaching and learning. This is expected to help students achieve the target competencies through the curriculum. Every effort has been made to make this textbook as activity-oriented and interesting as possible. Since the teachers, students, parents, intellectuals and all the readers have an important role to play in further refining the textbook, the Curriculum Development Center cordially requests constructive suggestions of all concerned.