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"When Gabrielle discovers Xena in a tryst with Amarice, she learns more than she ever wanted to know."

Xena, Gabrielle and Amarice are travelling with Eli to Ephesus to break up a slave-trade cartel. It's late afternoon and they have stopped for the day. Xena and Amarice set up camp while Gabrielle and Eli go off to practice their meditation in a nearby grove.

Xena: Amarice, dig out that area and line it with stones. We'll make our fire pit there.

Amarice follows her orders, but her thoughts, not to mention her eyes, have been bent on studying Xena all day.

Amarice: You've got a thing for young girls haven't you?

X: That's observant of you.

A: I saw the way you looked at those virgins we rescued from the slavers. You wanted one for yourself, didn't you?

X: Amarice, I gave that up a long time ago. Maybe the desire is still there but I'm not going to act on it.

A: Hey, Xena, I don't have a problem with it. In my tribe that sort of thing was common, it was practically encouraged. I mean you wouldn't believe the old Amazons I had to fight off. But I guess you have Gabrielle now. She must take care of you pretty well.

X: (lips pursed--no reply)

A: She does, doesn't she? I mean that's why you let her travel with you right? That's why you go out of your way to protect her? Yeah, she must be doing something right.

X: (clutching Amarice by the throat) Shut up, Amarice! My relationship with Gabrielle is none of your business!

Gabrielle (suddenly at Xena's side): Xena? Did you call me?

X: No, uh no, Gabrielle. Go back to your meditation. I was just explaining a couple of things to Amarice. Go on, it's okay.

G: Alright, but if you need me I'm just over here.

X: I know.

Gabrielle returns to Eli on the other side of the trees. Xena turns and glares at Amarice. Amarice's eyes glance back and forth from Gabrielle to Xena, from Xena to Gabrielle.

A: Wait, she's never given it up, has she? The little queen won't put out for her mighty warrior princess.

Xena ignores her taunts by busying herself with making a fire.

A: I'm sorry Xena. I don't mean to tease you. I feel sorry for you, I do. Let me make it up to you.

Amarice assists with the fire-building and soon it is blazing.

Xena walks over to Gabrielle and Eli.

Xena: Gabrielle, me and Amarice are going to go collect some more firewood and catch something for dinner. Don't worry about us, we'll be gone for awhile.

Gabrielle still deep in meditation nods her head.

Xena and Amarice tromp off into the woods, Amarice runs back to grab a blanket. They appear to be searching for something, but it's definitely not firewood or dinner.

A: Doesn't that annoy you.

X: What?

A: All that meditation and love crap. That Eli guy gives me the willies.

X: Well, you know, Gabrielle . . .

A & X: (in unison) gets what Gabrielle wants.

A: Yeah, I heard that one before. But what about you?

X: I can take care of myself.

A: But that gets a little old after awhile. I mean when was the last time you actually . . .

X: (Surveying a small clearing between some old long-limbed trees and a ridge of boulders.) This will do. (She takes the blanket and lays it over the tall grass.)

Xena takes Amarice by the shoulders, slowly drawing her closer and begins kissing her neck. Then her shoulders. Then her lips, and meanwhile starts to undress her.

Xena moans softly and sighs. It has been way too long, and Amarice's young firm but supple body is just what the doctor ordered. Her hands remove the short Amazon skirt, and continue moving downward exploring the younger woman's lower back and buttocks.

A: Oh Goddess, are all the stories they tell about you true?

X: You tell me.


Cut-to: Gabrielle and Eli in deep meditation. Suddenly Gabrielle's eyes pop open. She calls out--

G: Xena?! I had the strangest feeling . . . (she turns to Eli who is still meditating) Wow, this doing nothing stuff really wipes me out. I'm famished. I wonder where Xena is, she should have been back now don't you think. I'm starving. I've got to go find her, she probably needs my help.

Eli's eyes are still closed, he remains oblivious to Gabrielle's chatter.

G: Okay, then, I'm off. Don't go anywhere. Yeah, okay, you can't even hear me.

Gabrielle picks up Xena's trail and follows it until she comes to a mound of boulders. She climbs on top of them and peers over to see Xena and Amarice naked and going at it like a couple of animals in heat. She gulps and her mouth drops open, but she remains hidden behind the rise of the boulders watching--too shocked and too curious to move.

Xena rolls onto her back and lets out a sigh of satisfaction.

X: Oh gods, thank you.

Amarice crawls into the crook of Xena's arm and rests her head against Xena's shoulder while wrapping a leg around the warrior's thigh.

A: You don't have to thank me, Xena. (Tracing a finger from Xena's nipple to navel and back again.) I wanted to get you in bed since the moment I first saw you. I just thought I didn't have a chance, you know, because of Gabrielle. (Raising herself slightly to gain eye contact with Xena.) You love her, don't you?

X: Of course I love her.

A: Have you ever asked her or does she just not want to.

X: I can't talk about it.

A: Why?

X: Because it's private, it's between me and Gabrielle.

A: Xena, I just spent two hours getting to know your private things real well. And it seemed to me you didn't mind sharing them with me at all. It's good to share. Maybe I can help relieve the frustration.

X: What I tell you, you never repeat to another living soul, got it? If I ever find out Gabrielle learned about this conversation, I'll skin you alive and take your head as my trophy and not blink twice.

A: I promise, Xena. In my tribe we know how to keep a secret.

X: I've had Gabrielle, once. I mean I took her, by force. I couldn't help myself, not back then anyway. She never said anything and I felt so bad afterward I promised myself I'd never touch her again, at least not that way, and I never have.

A: You raped her? Ooh, I've got to hear about this.

X: I didn't rape her!

A: Well, you said you took her by force.

X: Yes, but I didn't say I raped her.

A: Okay, well, what happened then, exactly.

X: It was the first night she stayed with me, it was a long time ago. She was just a kid . . .

A: A virgin.

X: Yeah.

A: And that's why you had to have her.

Xena frowns and looks away.

A: Sorry. It's just that there are stories, you know. About when you used to be a warlord. After raiding a village-- killing the men and capturing the women and children-- you'd give your men strict orders not to violate any of your "merchandise", and if they did you'd chop them to pieces right there. But even so, you'd take one anyway for yourself, one that you especially liked--a virgin, a young girl--to be your slave. And you would take her in your tent that night and keep her for awhile as your sex slave, sometimes for several years. She'd live at your beck and call, follow you everywhere. And if she didn't end up getting killed in battle or kidnapped by some other raider eventually you'd set her free. Is it true?

X: Yes. (turns around sharply) But Gabrielle can't know! Ever!

A: You mean she's never heard those stories? But . . . but she knows about your past. Your warlord days, the way you used to raid and conquer villages.

X: Yes, but she doesn't know I sold women and children to slavers. She doesn't know about the slave-girls.

A: Wait, how could she not know. If you raid a village and kill the men, you take the rest as booty. That's the whole point. You take whatever food or valuables they have and you make a fortune from selling the women and children to slavers. What else does raiding a village mean?

X: She thinks I didn't kill the women and children because of some kind of warrior code. She thinks it was admirable of me. She doesn't . . . she just never realized. She was always naïve in a lot of ways, I guess she still is in that way. And that's what I love about her, I don't want it to change. I don't want her to ever know what all I used to be. She already knows too much, but if she knew that--I'm sure, I know that she would leave me.

Gabrielle is still up on the ridge overhearing the entire conversation. Tears well up in her eyes.

A: But you did force her that night. So she must know. She must suspect.

X: Well, maybe I didn't really force her, you see back then, I wasn't always that nice to her. That first night�


FLASHBACK to "Sins of the Past"

G: It was cold and I couldn't get a fire started.

X: Alright, you can sleep over there.

X(Voice-Over): It was really cold that night, the fire burned out and I could hear her teeth chattering from across the campsite. I'd wanted her from the moment our eyes met. It was because I was so enchanted with her that Draco's men ever got the take on me. But I came back in a hurry and put them out of business. No one was going to touch her, except me. But I was trying to change, I tried to walk away from my feelings, but she followed me, and she was determined to never go back home. So what was I supposed to do. I went over to her and woke her up.

X: Gabrielle, you're freezing. Come over here with me. It's really cold tonight, winter's come early. Take off your clothes.

G: (sleepily) What?

X: Take off your clothes, we'll have to use body heat to keep warm.

A(VO): I can't believe she fell for that line.

Gabrielle slowly removes her clothes. Xena watches from above. Gabrielle looks up and meets Xena's gaze, the way Xena is looking at her gives her a funny feeling in her stomach. She finishes undressing as quickly as she can and slides under the blanket. Then still standing above her Xena undresses, Gabrielle can't help but watch. Xena gets under the blanket and pulls Gabrielle close to her. Gabrielle's gaze is still locked on Xena. Xena glides her hands over the young flesh lying next to her. She nuzzles her neck, armpit, and breasts, smelling her and trying to take all of her in. Then she gently maneuvers Gabrielle onto her back and uses her knee to spread the girls legs apart.

X(VO): It was too easy. I wanted her to fight me. I wanted to see fire in her eyes. I mean that's what the old Xena wanted.

A(VO): And . . .

X(VO): I slid one finger inside her. She was wet but tight and narrow.

X: I thought so. You're definitely a virgin. Do you want me to stop?

G: Yes.

X: No. I want this. I want your virginity.

G: If I give it to you it won't be without a price. It will mean something--you'll be bound to me, forever. Wherever you go, I go. If I scream, you run. If I get cut, you bleed. And if you ever turn your back on me, you'll have hell to pay.


X: So I took it. Conditions and all. I took her. I stuck my tongue down her throat and I picked her cherry. And I picked it good.

A: Did she fight you?

X: No. But she should have, the next day she could hardly walk.

A: Well, there definitely was a power thing going on. But it doesn't sound forced to me, not if she didn't fight. I mean she followed you. She must have seen something in you, she must have wanted something, she probably just didn't know what it was. She got what she wanted from you anyway.

X: What?

A: I mean she practically owns you. Those conditions, they were real.

X: I don't know. All I know is that I love her, I would die for her, I would kill for her. She is . . . everything. And everything is everything. I would give anything to have that night back, to be able to undo what I've done. That's why I'll never touch her again. It just . . . it could never be right between us, sex would always be tainted.

A: Hmm. I think you should just let it out. You're so bottled up with lust for her. If Gabrielle didn't like that side of you she wouldn't be with you.

X: Shut up and let me fuck you again.

A: Okay. But shouldn't we be getting back?

X: Not till I'm done.

Gabrielle suddenly flies out. The sight of her warrior with another woman is causing an emotional storm to rage in her soul. She has never known such an overwhelming passionate rage before, she is suddenly 100% pure animal instinct.

G: Xena!!

Xena looks up, her body goes numb with fear and her face turns white as a ghost. She can feel Gabrielle's rage already assailing her with a pure emotional fire. Amarice rises and tries to find her clothes.

X: Amarice, go back to camp. And keep Eli there.

Amarice retreats, but tries to calm Gabrielle.

A: I'm sorry. I didn't mean . . . It's not

Every utterance is just annoying Gabrielle more, Amarice turns and runs toward camp.

Xena is still half-naked and fumbling for her clothes when Gabrielle jumps on her and grabs her by the hair, throwing her down. Xena is propped on her elbows cowering under Gabrielle. Gabrielle glares at her with piercing eyes, then backhands her face--it leaves a red welt--she does it again, and again.

Though afraid and ashamed, Xena's warrior instincts won't allow her to take this kind of abuse. Gabrielle is straddling her and holding her by the hair, but with one precise kick and flip, Gabrielle is thrown onto her back--she lands with a hard thump, the back of her head smacking against a large rock. She is out cold.

X: Gabrielle, Gabrielle. I'm so sorry. I didn't mean it, I didn't realize the stone was there. I'm so sorry�

A teary-eyed Xena picks Gabrielle up into her arms, and starts back for the camp.

Eli: What happened? Is she alright?

X: She slipped and hit her head on a rock. It's just a mild concussion. She'll be alright.

G: (coming to) Oh, my head. Ow . . . it hurts so bad.

X: It's okay Gabrielle, we'll get you comfortable and make you some tea.

Amarice hurries to assemble blankets and pillows for Gabrielle, then starts the tea.

Eli, wanting to demonstrate his healing powers, goes over and attends to Gabrielle.

E: Abba, help me.

A: Do you really think a 70's Swedish pop band is what Gabrielle needs right now?

G: (moaning) It still hurts.

Xena carries over a mug of hot tea. While Gabrielle drinks she touches some pressure points on her neck and temples.

G: (sigh) Thanks, Xena. That feels much better.

X: Try to get some rest.

Xena smiles, but she knows it's far from being over. If only she could take away all the emotional pain she had caused Gabrielle as easily as the physical.

Eli takes Xena aside.

E: Hey, do you think you could teach me that pressure point thing sometime?

X: Sure, Eli. Sometime.

* * *

A couple days have passed and they are now in Ephesus. With Gabrielle recuperating in a quiet room in a local inn, Xena, Amarice, and Eli search out and attempt to destroy the slave cartel. In the middle of the battle the local magistrate steps out and orders the fighting to stop. It turns out slavery is legal and thriving throughout ancient Greece and Rome, and since it's a state approved institution Xena has no choice but to return her sword to the scabbard. She'll have to fight her holy war another day and heads back to the inn. Eli decides to stay on and do his healing thing, starting with the slavers wounded by Xena. Amarice, still hoping to find some action, wanders over to the local temple of Artemis.

Back at the inn Gabrielle has completely recovered. Xena is ready to move on but Gabrielle insists on finishing some old business.

G: Xena, we have to talk.

X: I was hoping we could avoid it.

G: No, we have to talk.

X: I'm sorry . . . for everything.

G: I accept your apology.

X: Good, that's settled. Let's go.

G: (planting herself on the bed) I understand why you needed to be with Amarice. And I realize that I've been naïve, there are worse things then selling innocent women and children to slavers ... I can't think of what they would be right now ... but I accept the fact that you were once an evil warlord, so you did what every warlord does. But that's the past.

Xena looks on at Gabrielle and sighs, wondering when this speech is going to end.

G: Now just hear me out. We've never talked about, you know, our first night. And we need to talk about it.

X: I don't want to talk about it.

G: Well, I'll talk then, will you at least listen?

Xena tries to feign annoyance, but she is too uncomfortable with the conversation and with her own inability to deal with it. She folds her arms and stares at the ground. Tracing the lines of the floorboard with her boot.

G: The thing that hurt me the most was the way you described it. You made it sound so cold, so forced. Is that what you thought of it? That you took me out of some overwhelming animal lust, and that I just laid there weak and limp and let you do it. No feeling. No emotion. No love. Is that all it was for you? And that stuff you told Amarice that I said. I never said that Xena, not like that anyway. Why would I say that? You made me sound retarded. I just don't remember it that way at all. You know, honestly, up until now I thought of it as the most incredible, the most beautiful experience of my life.

Xena is in total disbelief.

X: What? How? Why? You never said anything about it, at all.

G: You never said anything either. Every night since I've wished that you would come to me again. But you never did. I just thought, I don't know what I thought. I'm not experienced in these things like you. And the thing about the slave-girls, that really bothered me. It still bothers me. Is that what you think of me, just another one of your slave-girls?

Xena slides next to Gabrielle on the bed and takes the young woman's face in her hands.

X: No, Gabrielle. No. If I thought that ... you know that I don't think that. I don't even remember those girls, you're the only thing in my heart. I can't think, hear, or taste anything--just you.

G: But do you want me?

X: More than anything.

Gabrielle starts to cry.

G: It's just none of this makes any sense. I don't understand you. I don't understand my own feelings anymore.

X: I know Gabrielle, it's a terrible story written by a terrible writer who never thinks anything out before she starts. But I promise, we'll work through this, we always do.

G: I guess now we should have some really erotic sex scene and wrap the story up.

X: Yeah, but wouldn't that just be so predictable?

G: Gods, yes.

X: You know what would be better?

G: What?

X: I've been the one revealing all the secrets so far, it's your turn to reveal something.

G: Okay. I had sex with Amarice too.

X: What?!

G: Well, you have to admit she's pretty hot.

Xena slaps Gabrielle across the face.

X: You cheap whore!

G: Hey, you're the one that wanted her to stay with me. Be my friend. Protect me. Take your place while your off gallivanting around in Roman soldier drag. Yeah, well she took your place. She took it good!

X: (through gritted teeth) I was trying to keep Caesar from having me assassinated!

G: Whatever.

X: Get up!

Dragging her by the arm.

G: What.

X: We're going to go see our friend, Amarice.

Outside the temple of Artemis. Xena ties Gabrielle to one of the temple columns.

X: Stay here.

Gabrielle watches as Xena marches inside the temple and accosts the first priestess that she sees. She describes who she is looking for and the priestess points toward a back room.

The door is locked. Xena rams it open with her shoulder. Inside on a small bed Amarice is naked and having her way with a virgin priestess, a former virgin priestess.

A: Xena!

Xena grabs Amarice by the hair and drags her into the middle of the main temple round, yelling toward a group of priestesses surrounding an altar.

X: I didn't know Artemis was the patron goddess of sluts! You all make me sick.

She continues to push Amarice through the temple and out onto the steps where Gabrielle is still tied to the column.

G: Hi, Amarice.

A: Hi. I guess Xena learned about our little secret.

G: She forced it out of me. Sorry.

A: So did you two have sex yet?

G: No.

A: Well maybe if you did Xena would stop taking all of her frustration out on me.

G: Good idea. Xena, do you want to have sex now?

X: No, Gabrielle, I don't want to have sex now.

G: Well, what are you going to do with Amarice.

X: (throwing her to the ground) Get out of my sight.

Amarice runs back into the temple.

G: That was pretty anti-climatic.

X: Yeah, that seems to be the pattern doesn't it.

G: Xena, I never really had sex with her. I just wanted to get a rise out of you. It was Eli I had sex with.

X: What?!! That f------ little son of a b----!

G: Why are you censoring yourself now. This whole story has been nothing but filth since it started.

X: Don't question me. I'm going to find that little m----- f----- and beat the s--- out of his J---- f------- effeminate body until he screams for Abba to help him�

G: Dancing Queen or Waterloo?

X: �then I'm going to beat him some more and savor every drop of blood he loses to my fist. Then I'm going to tie him up to the nearest tree and whip him till he can't even remember the word love.

G: Are you really going to do that?

X: No, but Gods, why Eli?

G: He's a nice guy. Besides it wasn't physical sex, it was a spiritual thing, an out-of-body kind of getting-it-on.

X: Oh gross, that's even worse. You're making me sick.

G: Xena, why don't we just have sex and get this thing over with.

X: Alright. Where? How?

G: How about Amphipolis. Your mother's lodge. In the room next to hers where she put you because she said she wanted you close. Close enough to spy on.

X: What are you saying? My mother wants to spy on her daughter having sex?

G: Don't all mothers?

A couple of days later. Xena and Gabrielle have made it to Amphipolis and are settling down for the night. Xena's mother brings them some more blankets.

Cyrene: Are you sure you don't want separate beds? This one is so small. Even you said that the last time you were here, remember Xena.

X: It's okay Mom, we're fine.

C: Okay, just holler if you need anything.

X: Thanks.

G: Gods, I can't believe we're finally going to have sex again. Why did we wait four years?

X: Bad writing.

G: Oh yeah.

Gabrielle lies down and Xena climbs between her legs.

G: Xena, I really do love you.

X: I love you too Gabrielle.

Cyrene in the adjacent room pulls out a loose knot in the wooden wall board and peaks in on her girl's nighttime activities.

Xena and Gabrielle are locked in a deep tongue kiss. Xena has her left arm cradled around Gabrielle's head and has the other arm between her legs delivering firm long three-fingered strokes. Their bodies thrust rhythmically against each other, their saliva, sweat, and sex juices mixing. Xena finally releases the young woman's mouth and they both let out ecstatic groans.

C: I always wondered how that was done.

X(whispering): I can't do this right knowing my mom is watching.

G: Blow out the candle.

Xena leans over to the bed stand and lets out a whiff of air.


The groans and panting and bed creaking continue . . . all night and into the morning.


G: Xena?

X: Hmm?

G: What the hell is that title supposed to mean?

X: I don't know, go to sleep.

G: If anyone needs to learn a lesson here it's you, not me!

The End

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