By White Traishe The Flesh is weak...

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Xena watches from her elevated throne as her guards drag out the half-beaten though still struggling prisoner. They drop her at the steps below Xena's feet. Right away the sight of the girl's long golden locks and fiery temperament excite the Conqueror.

Xena: What's her crime?

Gabrielle lifts her head.

Gabrielle: I spoke.

This only helps draw attention to the rebel's luscious lips. Lips that now and forever would belong to Xena.

X: Get up.

Gabrielle can't believe that after all this time she is standing face to face with her archenemy. She never realized how real, how beautiful, how powerful Xena really was. Being in the presence of such power secretly thrills and intoxicates her, she loses any fear she ever had.

Xena doesn't hesitate to claim her property. With the cup of her palm she caresses the rebel's cheek and jawline, and slides her thumb along her lower lip, parting it just slightly, clinically noting --soft skin, ruddy cheeks, healthy teeth.

The fearless rebel doesn't hesitate to defend herself, and bites the violating thumb.

X: (to herself) Fiery. Good. This'll be fun.

As the young girl babbles something about giving voice to the people, Xena checks out the rest of her body: young, firm, strong, well-muscled, nice round breasts. Obviously a girl of good strong peasant stock. Just the way she likes them.

G: . . . you can't break our spirit!

X: The cure for spirit is fear. (to her men) Put her on the cross. And break her legs.

The conqueror wasn't going to miss the chance to make an example of this well-loved voice of the rebels, but she had no intention of actually killing her, only of breaking her, and re-making her into the perfect slave. Back on her throne, Xena shivers and creams her shorts, delighting in her newly gained possession, thinking how good it's going to be.

The rebel screams in agony as she feels the mallet crush the bones in her legs. The guards jerk the cross erect and the long suffering begins.

X: You three guards, keep a constant post around this cross. Kill anyone who tries to help her or steal her body. When she's dead bring her to me.

Xena has seen many a crucifixion, and knows that the youth and vigor of this girl will draw out her death at least a few days. She'll choose her time wisely.

In the wee hours of the morning two days later when the square is empty of onlookers, she orders the guards to declare the girl dead and bring her to the healing rooms of the palace.

The rebel is unconscious but still breathing. The healers have their orders and go to work restoring Gabrielle.

Later that evening, while Xena is paying one of her periodic visits to the hospice chambers, the young woman regains consciousness and opens her eyes. Healers are dressing her legs in splints, while a slave girl holds up her head and administers sips of water. Xena is standing at her side feeling-up her midriff.

G:(taking in her surroundings) Why are you doing this?

Xena moves her hand down, sliding it under Gabrielle's skirt, and grabs a handful of hairy venus mound.

X: I wanted to make an example of you, and you gave an exquisite performance up there on the cross. But now I want you alive, (tugging at the hair) very alive.

Xena releases the crotch and moves her hand up, caressing the side of Gabrielle's face. She leans in to kiss her, disgusted Gabrielle turns her head away. Xena settles for a bite of her ear, from which she draws blood.

Gabrielle squeals. Xena laughs.

G: (glaring at her captor) I would rather have died.

X: Oh, don't say that. You've got so much to look forward to, so many new experiences.

Gabrielle stares into the eyes of the Conqueror with a piercing rage, Xena meets her stare with an equal and opposite passion. For several seconds their eyes lock in a powerful exchange which ends in them both having to look away. Gabrielle jerks her head to the side and tightly closes her eyes. Xena quickly turns and exits.

A few weeks pass and Gabrielle is able to get around on crutches now. Xena has her moved to a large room in the center of the palace where she can keep a better eye on her. As well, she orders guards to be posted outside the doors round the clock.

Xena watches from behind a two-way mirror as the captive takes in her new accommodations. Gabrielle tries not to imagine what Xena has planned for her. The room is large and luxurious. Fine fabrics and lush furs decorate the bed, windows, and floor. There is a sunken marble bath towards the back, a large table laid out with delicious meats, fruits, wines, and breads, and even a small window with a view of the mountains and sky at the top of the far wall. It is the first sunlight Gabrielle has seen in weeks.

She notes that the window is too high for her to reach, and even if she could, there are bars blocking any hope of escape. It is also obvious to her that she is being watched through the mirror above the table.

Hopping along on her crutches she manages to reach the table where she sits down for her first decent meal since she was captured. Xena is glad to see the rebel has a healthy appetite.

Her hunger satiated Gabrielle heads over to the bed and lies down.

G: (to herself) Gods, this bed is so soft. Wait, don't give in to this. Xena has a reason for doing this. She must think all of this is going to soften me, make me weak. I've got stay strong. I've got to find a way out.

Gabrielle gets off the bed and lowers herself onto the floor. With her legs still in splints she begins doing push-ups, then sit-ups.

Xena raises an eyebrow.

G: I've got to stay strong.

Throughout her captivity she keeps herself fit and disciplined by doing a rigorous daily workout. Which, of course, Xena thoroughly enjoys watching.

Weeks pass without any sign of Xena except for the occasional shadowy movement that appears behind the mirror.

More time passes and Gabrielle becomes accustomed to the daily palace routine that takes place around her. There are two guards outside her door at all times. They change shifts four times a day, at breakfast, dinner, supper, and midnight. They are never allowed into the room though. The only ones that can come in are two female attendants, one has dark hair and is younger then her, the other has light hair and seems to be older. They visit her four times a day bringing meals, clothes, and clean bedding, they dress and bathe her and clean her room but never speak to her. No one ever speaks to her. Gabrielle realizes that they must be under strict orders not to converse with the captive, but it's driving her crazy. Consequently she has taken to speaking out loud to herself.

One day as her attendants bathe her, Xena of course is on watch, as she always is for the daily bath:

G: I know Xena is trying to bore me to death. I've been in here three months and no one has spoken a word to me. It's okay, I understand, I don't want to get you executed or anything. But you just tell her it's not going to work. This sick little plan of hers isn't going to get to me. Not at all. (turning toward the mirror) Check out these muscles, I mean get a load of these abs. I'm not going to be weakened, physically or mentally. I'm going to get out of this place, and the first chance I get I'm going to slit her throat.

Xena smiles from behind the mirror and licks her lips.

Despite her protests the situation is obviously getting to Gabrielle. She tries to keep herself busy with exercise and marking the days via notches on her bed post. Several times she tries to make a run for it but the guards block her and throw her back in. And with no one to talk to she has way too much time to think.

Her mind wanders to former days. Working underground in the resistance movement. Spending days planning guerilla tactics with her partner and fiancée. And the last night they had together before he was killed and she was captured. Gods, if only they hadn't waited, if only she'd let him go all the way. Now she would never feel his gentle kiss or his hands again on her body. She begins to weep into the pillows but at the same time her thoughts have stirred up the only need Xena's palace of luxury hasn't been able to satisfy. She slips her hand under her skirt and begins to rock her hips against the bed. She knows Xena is watching and will probably be excited by it, usually she would wait till it was dark, but she just doesn't care anymore.

Xena of course is watching, and folds her arms round herself and takes in a deep breath of satisfaction-- finally, she's got her to the point she's been waiting for.

Gabrielle jerks and flips over at the sensation of a hand on her leg. It's Xena.

X: Don't bother fighting.

As much time as she has spent hating the woman before her, despite the fact that she represents everything evil in the world and everything Gabrielle has spent her life trying to destroy, she is suddenly overcome with the joy that another human being is actually talking to her.

She stares at Xena, their eyes lock. She despises the sight of this woman, but at the same time is suddenly strangely aware of her humanity.

Xena is completely unnerved by the intensity of the gaze. Just when she thought she had broken this woman suddenly she can't figure her out. The look in Gabrielle's eyes is not the rage that she expected, but an acceptance she can't explain.

Xena continues with her plan anyway, places a hand on her throat, and leans in to possess her lips. Gabrielle knows she should fight, but instead she is inspired to reciprocate. Their lips meet, not in the ravage Xena had planned, but an unexpected tenderness.

A silent moment passes, then suddenly Xena jerks away, enraged by the thwarting of her violent plan.

Gabrielle, just as shocked by her own unexplainable actions, scrambles to get off the bed. Xena grabs her ankle and jerks her back. Glad for the invitation to a struggle.

X: Where do you think you're going?

Gabrielle answers only with more wriggling and kicking and manages to land a sharp blow with her heel to Xena's left temple.

Infuriated, Xena grabs both ankles. With superhuman speed she lashes them together with a cord from the bed post then does the same to her wrists. By a length of cord extending from her bound ankles, Xena drags her feet first out of the bedroom, down the corridor, and into the main dining hall. The hall is filled with warriors, staff and co-conspirators feasting and drinking, they all turn when they see Xena and her night's catch enter.

X: I present to you, Gabrielle the Rebellious!

The revelers laugh and guffaw, then gather around for a better look, one of them attempts to grope the girl. Xena clutches him by the throat.

X: Hands off! This is my property.

Xena continues to drag her prize through the hall and out across the courtyard, pulling her up a set of stairs and into what Gabrielle assumes is the conqueror's own private quarters.

The room is draped in lush purple and red velvets. There is a scantily clad muscle-bound guard in each corner of the room. Xena hoists her slave onto the bed and orders her guards to lock the door.

She climbs onto the bed and straddles the rebel, digging her fingers through the long tresses.

X: Oh, I have been waiting a long time for this. Now that I've broken you in it's time to tame you.

Gabrielle spits on her face.

G: I won't be your sex slave. I'll kill myself first.

X: Oh, I'm not going to let that happen.

Though humiliated and afraid, Gabrielle secretly enjoys the fact that someone is actually paying attention to her, talking to her, touching her. And she hates herself for it.

Xena unties her only to retie each limb to one of the four bed posts. Secured to the bed, Xena rips the captive's clothes off, then stands back to observe her night's entertainment.

G: What are you? Some kind of sick pervert?

X: If you don't want me, you can have one of them. Or maybe you'd like all of them. You seemed pretty desperate a minute ago.

Xena motions to her guards to surround the bed. They seem to know the drill. Xena backs off the bed and one of them lowers his loin cloth and crawls on top of Gabrielle.

Gabrielle looks up and away from the men to lock eyes with her conqueror, a sudden fear in her voice.

G: What's he going to do for me? If I have to be raped I'd rather you did it.

Xena is noticeably taken back by this. She didn't expect it. And she can't help but be secretly thrilled by it.

X: It's too late for that. I'm a sick pervert remember. You need something more natural and wholesome. (to her men) You know what to do. I want her bloody and screaming by the time you're done.

Xena steps back from Gabrielle's gaze, to relish the sight of her men at work. Her guard gropes the girls breasts while stroking himself. The rebel is breathing heavily and making the bed creak by yanking on the cords that bind her. He is fully erect and moves in to penetrate . . .

G: Xena, please . . . I belong to you. Don't let him be my first.

Somehow Gabrielle has managed to push the right buttons.

X: (to her guard) Stop! (to Gabrielle, as she places a hand just below her navel) Are you claiming to be a virgin?

G: I'm not claiming, I am.

Xena must verify and roughly forces her middle finger into Gabrielle, Gabrielle grimaces. She nods her head then signals for her men to leave. They exit.

She has studied this girl, she feels like she knows her in and out, and yet somehow the rebel has manipulated her most hidden desires.

X: If I untie you are you going to run?

G: No.

X: Why not?

Gabrielle can't answer her, but looks at her intently.

Xena circles the bed untying her. Gabrielle folds her arms into herself and rubs the blood back into her hands.

Neither speaks.

Xena removes her own outer garments until she is only wearing a short red tunic. Gabrielle sits up and drapes a sheet over her exposed body. Gazing at Xena, she can't believe such an evil woman could be so beautiful, so strong yet so feminine.

Xena climbs into bed beside her and takes her face in her hands.

X: I've studied you for three months. I know everything about you. I know every inch of your body. I know that you prefer apples to oranges, linen skirts to silk ones. I know how you look when you wake up in the morning, what you say in your sleep, and what position you like to masturbate in. What I don't know is why you effect me the way you do.

G: You don't know anything about me. Three months? I've studied you half of my life. I saw you and your army take my village, saw you kill my parents and sell my sister into slavery. I studied your every move, the lands you conquered, the people you enslaved, your war tactics and your ruling tactics. I've spent many a night planning with my friends how to destroy you and everything you've created. And the fact that there is nothing I want more than to make love to you right now is something I can't begin to explain to myself or anyone else.

Xena again is baffled by this creature she thought she knew. She fights to keep her guard up.

X: Oh, don't worry I'm not going to make love to you. I'm going to take you, ravish you, and Ö

She is suddenly interrupted by an eager mouth at her throat. She pushes Gabrielle away from her then brings her in again for a long slow kiss. The kiss grows more intense, tongues touch. The rebel slowly moves her hand up the warriors thigh.

Suddenly Xena breaks away, she slaps Gabrielle with the back of her hand.

Gabrielle is shocked and confused.

X: Get out of here! Get the hell out of my palace!

Xena grabs Gabrielle by the hair and forces her clothes back on her. She pushes the half-dressed rebel out the door all the way to the side gate where she throws her head-first out of the palace grounds.

Gabrielle lands face down on the dirt road and hears the gates lock behind her.

She is sure that this is some kind of trick and any minute Xena will be dragging her back in. She spits the dirt out of her mouth and pulls herself to her feet, then runs off into the night.

The sensation of cool fresh air in her lungs and the sights and sounds of the outside world are a blessing she thought she would never know again. She can't believe she is out of the palace, but nagging thoughts in the back of her mind remind her that she is not free.

Instinctively her feet take off for the path that will lead her home, back to her friends, and the rebels' headquarters but as soon as she thinks it she stops in her tracks. Of course, that's where Xena will be expecting her to go. No doubt she will be followed. She can't risk exposing her friends, instead she changes directions and heads out for the woods where hopefully she will be able to hide out and lose anyone that might try to follow.

By dawn she has made it to the edge of the woods. She camps out for several weeks, living on whatever she can find--berries, fish, tree bark. Winter is coming and half-starved and half-naked she decides to head for Potidaia where she still has an aunt and uncle. If someone has followed her at least she won't be exposing the rebel hideout.

Standing at her aunt's doorstep.

Aunt: Gabrielle is dead. Who are you? Are you her ghost?

G: No, Auntie, it's me. I'm not dead.

Inside her aunt lovingly supplies all the warmth, clothing, and food she needs so badly. Draped in a wool blanket at a table in front of the hearth she helps herself to a second bowl of venison stew. After months of being on guard and constantly afraid, she finally lets down her defenses and begins to cry.

Aunt: (holding her) Dear Gabrielle, dear Gabrielle. You must be exhausted. Come and lie down and get some rest. I'll be here if you need anything.

Gabrielle complies and settles in for the first good night's sleep she's had in months.

That night in her dreams she rehearses all her recent tribulations--the killing of her fiancée, the capture, the beatings, the cross--but again and again her mind stops on the image of Xena. Xena the Conqueror in bed with her, kissing her. She finds herself excited once more by the sound, smell, touch, and taste of her conqueror. Images of her naked body wrapped around Xena's naked body rolling through white silk sheets dance through her mind. She feels again the muscled thigh, she feels it pressing into her, deep between her legs. She comes again and again. When she awakens she is ashamed for the pleasures her subconscious has submitted her to.

Her aunt and uncle invite her to stay on as long as she wants and she decides to take them up on that offer, still feeling the need to keep a low profile.

One day while shopping in the town market she makes eye contact with a familiar face, Perdicus, an old friend and co-conspirator. He was captured long ago but like her he has managed to survive and return. Gabrielle signals to him to meet her inside the local temple.

P: Gabrielle! Is it really you?

G: Perdicus?

The old friends take each other in with their eyes then embrace.

A year passes and Gabrielle learns that Perdicus is keeping his ties to the resistance active. Growing more restless herself, eventually she decides to leave with him to go to a nearby village where the rebels have a base. Not long afterward, he asks her to marry him. She accepts.

On their wedding night: Just when Perdicus is about to lay into his new blushing bride, there's a knock at the door. Perdicus rises to see who it is. A couple minutes pass. Gabrielle hears footsteps coming back to the bedroom.

By what little moonlight sifts through the window she can just make out the outline of a figure standing near her.

G: Perdicus?

P: Hmmm?

G: Is everything okay? Who was it?

P: Just . . . just some friends from the wedding party wishing us well.

G: So late? That's kind of strange.

Gabrielle feels the weight of another body set onto the bed. She feels the blankets being drawn off her naked body then a strong hand caresses her from ankle to thigh, then down again.

She hears the sound of water being rung from a rag, and then the sensation of a wet cloth washing her feet.

G: What are you doing?

Her feet are carefully and gently washed, the she feels fingertips run over the tips of her toes. And then warm wet lips opening round her big toe. She gasps. She never realized that sort of thing could be a part of foreplay, nor ever realized how sensitive her toes were. A rush of tingling warmth runs from the tip of her feet to her shoulders. The toe-sucking continues, a hungry tongue whirling around the tip of each toe. Then the lips move on to the ankle, calf, and inner thigh.

Her lover spreads her legs and she feels the hot breath of a mouth against her cunt. First soft kisses and love bites, then a tongue circles her clit, flicking it ever so gently then faster and harder. Gabrielle gasps, her heart races.

G: By the gods. Oh, Perdicus.

The hood of her clit raises and the small shaft is engorged. Then the tongue moves down to her very wet center, circling and tugging her inner labia. Just when she can't take it anymore, the tongue enters her vagina, penetrating her with firm thrusts. Gabrielle screams in delight.

Gabrielle's breasts rise and fall with her heavy but steadied breathing. The head moves up from her crotch, the tongue licking her from navel to sternum. Then hands and lips take hold of her breasts, squeezing and pulling till her nipples are harder and more erect then they've ever been before. Finally the lips she has been thirsting for take her in a long deep passionate kiss. The tongue ravages her mouth just as skillfully as it ravaged her other orifice. The lips are soft and familiar, the tongue that probes inside her mouth is also familiar, she has felt it before. The neck and cheek that her hands caress are also familiar, soft and familiar, too soft--she doesn't feel a beard, it's more like a young boys or a . . . Almost out of breath she has to push the head away from her face. She gasps for air. Then pulls her lover in to embrace, she nuzzles and sucks the neck, her fingers comb through the luxurious long tresses. A siren goes off in her head! Wait, Perdicus doesn't have long hair, and the smell, the smell and feel of this person is familiar but it's not the smell of Perdicus, no, it's . . . Xena!

Gabrielle suddenly jerks upright.

G: Perdicus!?

The hand of her lover clamps around her mouth, a familiar voice whispers in her ear. A voice she could never forget.

Xena: No, he's tied up at the moment, he wanted me to tell you though how sorry he was that he couldn't be with you, his young beautiful bride, on your wedding night. He so regrets not being here.

Gabrielle struggles trying to get out from Xena's grasp, Xena holds tight and sticks a tongue in her ear.

X: Ah, c'mon, don't let a minor detail like that ruin our night, so I'm not your lawfully-wedded, but that didn't seem to matter to you a minute ago.

Gabrielle hears what sounds like muffled groans and someone struggling in the corner of the room.

G: Perdicus? Is that you?

X: That's right. And unless you want to see his dried up corpse guarding the front gate tomorrow along with all your other rebel friends you'll do exactly what I say.

Gabrielle stops struggling.

G: Then you'll have to kill us all. Long ago we took an oath to never be captive to you, if we can't have our freedom then we prefer death.

X: You'll regret those words. (to Perdicus) It looks like your fate has been decided. (Grabbing Gabrielle's breasts from behind) And by the way, thanks for sharing.

Several days later, in the dungeon of the Conqueror's palace.

Xena is pacing in front of the bars, surveying her captors. They are all chained to the wall.

X: (to Gab) It's déjà vu all over again.

Gabrielle stares blankly through her.

X: (to Perdicus) So did your wife tell you all about her first visit to my palace. Did she tell you how she welcomed my touch, begged for me to fuck her. And on your wedding night, you knew it was me all along, didn't you, Gabrielle. Yeah, you couldn't get enough.

Perdicus grits his teeth, about to burst.

X: You're a lucky man, she's a fine piece of female flesh. Any man would be glad to have her, too bad none ever will except me. Isn't that right Gabrielle?

G: Are you going to execute us or hide us down here away from the eyes of the masses who are just waiting for an outrage like this to take up arms in revolt and slit your ugly throat.

X: Guard!

The guard steps forward and opens the gate.

Xena strides over to Gabrielle and proceeds to slap her senseless.

X: Don't ever use that tone with me, slave.

P: Don't you dare touch her!

X: What's this. You don't seem to understand, (grabbing Gabrielle by the hips) this belongs to me. It always has and it always will. Got it.

Xena kicks Perdicus in the groin. He lets out a tortured groan.

X: Good, I'm glad we could come to an understanding.

Xena exits.

Instead of executing the rebels, Xena instead sentences them to life in her hard labor camp, where they will live their days in back-breaking torture hauling out stone from the mines.

A few weeks later she goes to retrieve Gabrielle.

She gathers the laborers together for a speech, pulling Gabrielle to her side.

X: Attention, slaves. Be thankful and praise me, today is a day of grace, for one of your number anyway. Behold, Gabrielle. I have decided to pardon her from a life of grueling labor in exchange for a life of ease and pleasure in my palace. Just remember when you are slowly wasting away toiling in my mines, that it was Gabrielle who was responsible for bringing you here. She knew that I would follow her back to her rebel connections, and like the stupid girl that she is she led me right to you. Knowing full well that she was my favored, knowing full well that despite whatever horrific fate her friends would suffer she would at the worst spend her days in the comfort of the royal palace. All hail, Gabrielle the Rebellious! Take one last look at your brave and selfless leader. Say goodbye to your friends, Gabrielle. Now that you've had a taste for what the rest of their lives will be like, wish them well and give them your regards.

Gabrielle weak and half-starved stares down at the ground.

Xena pulls her head up by grabbing her hair.

X: Say goodbye, Gabrielle!

G: (faintly) Goodbye. I'm sorry.

That night back at the palace. Gabrielle is lying on Xena's couch staring blankly ahead. They are in the parlor just outside the royal baths, all around them are more couches and more rugs, all filled with naked bodies--the nightly royal orgy is in full swing.

Xena climbs onto the couch, stretching herself out behind Gabrielle. She kisses and caresses the white shoulders.

X: Oh, Gabrielle, I know. The spirit is strong but the flesh is weak. It's okay, you can give into me, I won't think any less of you. You know you want to.

Gabrielle doesn't move.

Xena begins to nuzzle and suck on the back of her neck. Another girl walks by and Xena motions to her, the girl climbs up on the foot of the couch and goes down on her master.

Xena moves onto her back and turns Gabrielle around, holds the rebel against her side, making her witness everything. Xena spreads her legs wider to receive the girl and moans loudly.

X: When your done with me I want you to do her.

The girl obeys her orders. Xena spreads Gabrielle's legs for her and watches in delight as the girl performs her ministrations. Gabrielle begins to sob.

X: Be grateful, bitch!

The girl raises her head, her muzzle is covered with blood.

Slave Girl: She's bleeding.

Xena wipes the girls face with her hand.

X: Lick my fingers clean and swallow.

The girl has no choice but to obey. By now the threesome has attracted quite an audience, the room laughs.

X: Now finish licking her cunt clean, and don't forget to swallow.

Later that night: Gabrielle is strung by the wrists between two posts. She is stripped from the waist up and is about to be whipped.

X: Twenty lashes for insolence.

G: What insolence?

X: You cried at my orgy.

G: I can't keep myself from feeling pity for you and your pathetic friends.

X: Forty lashes!

The guard begins to administer the lashes. Smack! Dry leather burns like a hot knife through the soft flesh. Gabrielle cries out in agony. Xena relishes her pain, but then thinks twice.

X: Stop.

Guard: But that was only four.

X: That's enough, I don't want her scarred. I'll finish her punishment another way.

Later, up in Xena's personal chambers: Gabrielle is lying face down on the bed, a slave girl is dressing the wounds on her back. Xena is standing at an open window, surveying her grounds. All is quiet.

X: (to the slave girl) Leave us.

The slave exits. Xena takes on the task of dressing Gabrielle's wounds herself.

G: What do you want with me? Why am I here? There are a hundred willing girls in this palace. What pleasure do you get from me?

X: That night when you said you wanted to make love to me, was that a lie?

Gabrielle senses an odd tone of humbleness in Xena's voice--suddenly it all becomes very clear. Everything she must do, the purpose of her life, it all starts to fall into place.

Gabrielle sits up, her upper body is naked as well as her feet and legs, she is wearing only a short thin linen wrap around her waist. She turns to Xena and stares her directly in the eye.

G: Sometimes, for very very brief moments, despite how much I hate you, despite all the evils you have committed, I look at you and I see a human being under all that armor. And that human being attracts me, calls something out of me that I can't explain. It's just a feeling, a very strong feeling.

Xena turns her back to Gabrielle. She can't seem to keep the tears from welling up in her eyes. Her ears feel as though they have been pierced with warm fire, and her heart is screaming. For a moment she lets herself feel this then quickly defends herself against it. She gets up to leave the room, no slave is going to cause such a weakness in her.

G: The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.

Xena stops and turns around.

X: I've never loved anyone and I never will. Love is a joke, a weakness, given to us by the gods to manipulate us.

G: I know. But if you want to love me, just for tonight. It's okay, I won't tell anyone.

Xena is suddenly composed and confident as ever, she walks over to the bed, she pulls Gabrielle in towards her and wraps a hand around her waist. She reaches down and pulls something out from under her gown. She hands Gabrielle a dagger.

X: Now's your chance, rebel, slit my throat.

Gabrielle is taken back. She examines the blade, then lifts it up to the Conqueror's throat. She runs the tip of it across her throat then down her lips and stops at her chin. Xena closes her eyes.

G: Don't doubt, I intend to kill the Conqueror. But Xena will be spared.

With the tip of the dagger under Xena's chin, Gabrielle draws her in, and kisses her--softly--then releases her.

Gabrielle proceeds to undress the warrior, cutting away with the dagger every piece of the conqueror's regalia, every symbol and token of power. Once or twice the blade slips and breaks the skin. Each time Gabrielle applies the balm of her lips and samples the warrior's hot blood, sealing their new bond with an exchange of fluids and exciting them both.

Finally the last piece of cloth is ripped away and Gabrielle congratulates herself on her success at getting down to the core of this woman. The real Xena is sitting before her, naked and vulnerable. Wait, one more thing, Gabrielle reaches behind Xena's head and pulls out a hair pin, long beautiful dark tresses roll down the warrior's bare shoulders. Gabrielle takes a deep breath.

G: (to herself) What the fuck am I going to do now. What have I gotten myself into. If I don't come up with something good she's going to get bored and frustrated and probably kill me right here. Damn it, why didn't I read the Kama Sutra when I had the chance.

Xena lifts Gabrielle's chin with the tip of her fingers, they stare deeply into each other's eyes--time stops.

G: I don't know what to do.

X: Whatever you want.

G: When I was in Potidaia I kept dreaming about you, (lying her hand on Xena's thigh) I kept dreaming about your thigh, I wanted to feel it between my legs.

X: You dreamed about me. I've dreamt about you too. But in my dreams I could never have you, I would start and then always wake up.

G: Have you always liked girls?

Xena nods her head.

G: Why?

X: Because my body aches for it.

G: And your heart?

X: It aches too. Yours doesn't?

G: It aches for you, now.

X: Come here.

Xena holds out her hands. Gabrielle takes them.

G: Your palms are sweaty. Are you nervous?

Xena nods her head. Then pulls Gabrielle to her, wrapping the girl's legs around her waist and her arms around her neck. They embrace like this on the bed for a long time. Xena removes Gabrielle's skirt.

Gabrielle is amused at the thought of the conqueror's sweaty hands. How could she possibly be making her nervous. The new sensation of Xena's body so close to her puts it out of her mind. She can feel her breasts and nipples pressing against her own, her ribs and back fluctuate with her breathing. Her damp breath on her neck, her hands on her lower back, and the delicate feeling of what must be Xena's pubic hair tickling the inside of her labia. Gabrielle inches closer, positioning her own cunt as close to Xena's as she can, Xena reciprocates and holds her closer, harder.

Gabrielle searches out Xena's lips, finds them, and locks them in a deep long passionate kiss. Xena is suddenly obsessed with saliva, mixing it, tasting it, and spreading it all over Gabrielle's face. She must mark her territory. Gabrielle smiles, enjoying Xena's playfulness, but at the same time she preoccupies herself with trying to get closer, realizing she's not getting the contact she wants she grows frustrated.

G: I want to feel you. Isn't there a position that would let me feel you, your cunt against mine.

X: No, unfortunately, not really. Not unless you're a contortionist.

G: How could nature be so cruel?

X: Oh, but that's the only thing she's really good at, being cruel.

Gabrielle's expression becomes forlorn.

X: Here, there is one thing that sort of works. Lay on your back.

G: Ow! It's still sore.

X: It's okay, I'll lay on mine.

Xena lays on her back pulling her legs up into the air, her knees almost against her breasts.

Gabrielle gasps as the sight of Xena's fully exposed sex. She realizes she has never really seen female genitalia, not like this, not so close up. She stares at it completely enthralled--the sudden forest of black curls, the red slit, the protruding spearheaded clitoris, the round sloping ridges circling the white ready center. Wafts of Xena's strong scent drift over to Gabrielle's nose, sending her into some kind of deep trance. Finally, Xena's voice calls her out of it.

X: Climb on.

G: Hmm?

X: Put your shoulders against the back of my knees and lean into me. Now move your crotch up a little, so your sort of sitting on me, oh . . . yeah. That's it.

With an arm supporting her on either side, Gabrielle presses into Xena, Xena's feet above her head. She begins rocking slowly, trying desperately to keep her knees planted. She can feel Xena's pubic hair scratch into her own, it feels good but she wants more.

G: Spread yourself open.

Xena reaches up and spreads her labia apart with her fingers. Gabrielle in turn lifts herself up a little and does the same. She leans back into Xena, when they touch they quickly remove their fingers, and then pressing harder into her for several incredible seconds Gabrielle feels Xena's clitoris against her own, she starts to grind as deep and hard as she can until her balance finally gives way and her knees slide out from under her. Smiling she kneels up between Xena's still open legs and with her fingers spreads the conqueror's labia apart, kissing her clitoris like a trophy she has just won.

Xena lets her legs down and stretches their luxurious lengths down the bed, at the same time stretching her arms over head and leaning back against the pillows while letting out a satisfied sigh. Gabrielle relishes the sight of this incredible woman temptuously laid out before her and immediately seizes the opportunity to claim the thigh she has so long desired. She straddles the muscled limb and goes to work, grinding away to ecstasy. Xena helps her and rocks into her, flexing her thigh muscles to make her even harder. In no time Gabrielle is slipping and sliding back and forth with ease, a healthy dose of sex juices and menstrual blood coating the upper length of Xena's right thigh.

This goes on for sometime until Xena senses the position isn't quite getting her partner where she wants to go. She places a gently hand on the rebel's hip and motions Gabrielle to raise herself. Gabrielle does and Xena slips a hand under her, palm upward with fingers raised. Gabrielle is more than pleased to accept the offer and slowly works her way back down, the fingers stretching and probing her as she goes. Once comfortable she starts back into her grind adding an upward movement each time she slides back, then coming down hard when she comes forward. Xena responds to her thrusts with expert precision, and Gabrielle finally comes, letting out an ecstatic groan, and then proceeds to come again and again and again.

Exhausted, orgasmic waves still flowing through her, she falls onto her lover and lays her head against the soft welcoming breasts.

Xena hugs the girl and presses her closer, smelling her hair and wiping off her bloody fingers on the girl's ass.

(Alright kiddies, now would be a good time to go to the bathroom and get a cup of coffee 'cause we've still got a long way to go. In the first draft I had squeezed this entire last sex scene into a couple sentences, but my girlfriend insisted that I draw it out, so damn it, I'm going to draw it out as long and longer than anyone could ever humanly want or expect. Okay, well not that long. But if you've already had enough feel free to skip ahead. I know I would.)

Gabrielle brings her hands up from her sides and for the first time introduces them to Xena's breasts and nipples, which quickly grow hard. The sensation of the conqueror's hard nipples pressing into her palms is perfectly intoxicating, before she knows it her mouth finds its way down and begins sucking mightily away. Somehow her nipples taste exactly like she thought they were going to taste, some long forgotten memory from her infancy must be informing her senses. She looks up, inquisitive.

G: Do you think all nipples taste the same?

X: Hmm, I never really thought about it. I guess, in a way.

G: How would you describe it?

X: I donít know. Sort of tasteless, but distinctively tasteless, sort of sharp. Different then any other part of the body.

G: Do you think there's a reason?

X: So the baby's can find them?

G: Yeah, I think somehow babies are born knowing what a nipple is supposes to taste and feel like. That way, even if it's not their mother, but a wet nurse or something, they can still figure out how to feed.

X: Hmm, maybe.

G: Have you ever been with a woman that was lactating.

X: Uh huh.

G: Besides your mother.

X: Uh huh.

G: What did it taste like?

X: Hot milk. Sweet and thick, but kind of sour too.

G: Was she your slave?

[This is where it starts to get kind of stupid and gross and ridiculous. I didn't want to cut it in case there are readers like me who like that sort of thing, but if you're not feeling up to it please skip ahead, you have my permission.]

X: No.

G: Your lover?

X: Sort of.

G: Who was the father?

X: My brother. Not by choice. I forced him to lay with her. I wanted to have a child with her. But she made the mistake of falling in love with him.

G: What's it like to fuck a pregnant woman?

X: Not that different actually, but something about seeing her all ripe and feeling the baby kicking really turned me on.

G: What happened?

X: They were both killed.

G: I'm sorry.

X: It was my army that killed them.

Gabrielle suddenly looks away, dreadfully reminded of the reality of the person she is with.

G: Did you kill the baby too?

X: No, she's still with me. She was the girl that went down on us at the orgy.

G: Oh, gods.

Gabrielle leans over the side of the bed and throws up. Xena holds her hair back and when she is finished has a cloth ready and wipes her face clean.

G: How did you get to be so perverted?

X: Comes with the territory I guess. But it's not all bad. There are some good things about being perverted.

G: Like what?

X: Like this.

Xena, with the help of her four guards, six slave girls, and two farm animals does something to Gabrielle to bring her to a high-pitched squealing irrational uncharted height of pleasure, making her come harder and more frequently to the point of multiple female ejaculations, the most incredible mind-bending orgasms, orgasms such as she has never known before or ever will know again. [Unfortunately, this thing is so perverted I can't describe it to you without fear of possible criminal conviction.]

G: Oh, I see what you mean. Who taught you that?

X: Lao Ma.

G: Author of the Tao Te Ching?

X: Yeah.

G: Damn. She should have put that in her book. People might have listened to her.

X: Do you really want to talk or do you want to fuck.

G: I want to fuck you.

Xena lies down on her stomach beside Gabrielle. Gabrielle commences to explore every inch of her back side with her tongue. Xena spreads her legs and puts Gabrielle's hand against her crotch. Gabrielle gets the idea. Starting out with two fingers but quickly working up to four Gabrielle proceeds to give Xena a good firm fuck. Her first time inside a woman, she notes every sensation, every texture, every movement, sound and smell. Her curious mind records it all. Just when she thinks Xena is about to come, Xena opens her mouth.

X: With your other hand, one finger, up my ass.

This is too good to be true. Gabrielle had been eyeing her asshole but for some reason thought violating it would never be allowed. Now that she realizes the warrior actually wants her there, she grows uncontrollably excited, her own cunt suddenly excited and soaking itself with come.

Gabrielle does as instructed and slowly works her left middle finger into the welcoming asshole. Xena swallows it up completely. She pulls it back, almost all the way, then loses in again. She continues her long deep strokes with both hands until Xena can no longer resist. The warrior comes, and Gabrielle experiences for the first time the sensation of a woman's vagina contracting round her fingers, it's so strong, the muscles practically pulling her in deeper, begging her to stay, to continue her assault. Which she does gladly.

Xena lifts herself up on her elbows and slides a hand underneath her where she begins massaging her clit, Gabrielle can feel the fingers of the warrior against her own hand pushing her in ever deeper. Eventually Gabrielle has worked her entire fist in.

Xena continues her prodding and Gabrielle responds with great sensitivity to her signals and changes her stroke ever more slightly until she achieves exactly what Xena wants. She put this to memory---a distinct almost musical pattern of strokes--three short quick light strokes followed each time by one long deep hard stroke, while the finger in her ass moves in and out slowly at a slightly different pace.

With each long stroke Xena lets out a groan, coming again and again and again. Until finally, despite how much Gabrielle loves the sensation of Xena's vaginal lips around her wrist, she feels like her wrist is about to break under the sheer pressure of it.

G: Xena, I'm sorry, but my wrist . . .

X: Just a little longer

Gabrielle continues until Xena reaches her most powerful orgasm yet, the contractions come on like steady waves, and continue long after Gabrielle removes herself.

Still experiencing the aftershocks of orgasm, Xena rolls over onto her back. The warrior's face is red and she is panting heavily, her body drenched in sweat and glistening under the candlelight. Gabrielle stares at her while slowly working the cramp out of her contorted wrist and fingers.

G: Do you have a dildo?

Xena nods.

X: Under the bed.

Gabrielle drops her head down and peers under the mattress. As her eyes adjust to the darkness she spies a leather bag, straining to reach it she finally manages to pull it to her. Upon opening it she finds it filled with a plethora of sex toys.

She takes out a harness and an adequately sized dildo, straps it on, then turns around to meet Xena.

X: Come here.

Gabrielle mounts and goes to work. Another series of orgasms ensue. When Xena can't take it anymore she throws Gabrielle off her and flips the girl onto her stomach. Seizing the dildo and strapping it on to herself, it is now the rebels turn to get her brains fucked out. Which she does.

By the time Xena is done with her Gabrielle has a dildo coming out of every orifice--cunt, ass, mouth, and nostrils, while Xena squeezes her nipples. The rebel comes hard again and again, then thoroughly exhausted collapses into a limp heap.

Xena removes the gear and draws up beside her, lovingly spooning her. They both drift toward sleep.

After awhile Gabrielle rolls onto her back, her wounds having stopped stinging, and Xena unable to resist straddles her and administers a thousand wet kisses; over shoulders, neck, breasts, torso, abdomen, and thighs.

X: There's one last thing.

Xena crawls between the half-asleep girl's legs, spreads them gently but wide as possible and props up her knees. She leans down, her eyes parallel with the other woman's navel, and takes her own breast in her hand. With the other arm wrapped around Gabrielle's thigh, she squeezes and works her nipple until it is hard then spreads open Gabrielle's labia and proceeds to massage her clitoris with her nipple and breast. She works downward until Gabrielle feels the nipple touching her inner labia and wetting itself just barely inside her center. It feels warm, and soft, and completely fulfilling. Gentle orgasmic waves flow through her. The perfect anti-climax.

Satisfied and satiated in every way, she falls fast asleep. And Xena in her favorite place in all the world, snuggles between her lover's legs, resting her head comfortably against her pelvis, and follows her new found love into a deep peaceful sleep. In her dreams she takes Gabrielle again and again.

Somewhere between consciousness and dreaming, voices penetrate the darkness:

X: I love you, Gabrielle.

G: I love you, Xena.

During the course of the night and those that follow Gabrielle the Rebellious succeeds in defeating and killing Xena the Conqueror, in her place bringing forth into the world Xena the Benevolent. (Talk about sexual healing. Hey, it's my story, I can comment on it if I want.)

A few days later new and revolutionary decrees are proclaimed throughout the empire. All the rebels are set free. And everyone lives thenceforth happily ever after under the rule of a new kinder gentler Xena. And Gabrielle receives her due credit and is named Prime Minister and First Advisor to the Empress.

But after awhile they grow tired of the confines of political life and decide to transfer the empire into the hands of a newly elected Parliament. They don some inconspicuous outfits and set out on a horse named Argo, dedicating their lives henceforth to traveling the world, fighting evil, and giving help to those unable to help themselves.

You know the rest of the story.


G: Do you think that came off right?

X: What?

G: The last sex scene. It was supposed to be romantic and sweet and emblematic of an all-powerful karmic love between us. Or was it just more gratuitous sex?

X: It worked for me.

G: Yeah, but it wasn't very romantic.

X: What? The idea of someone spending countless hours and undying amounts of energy for no other purpose than to bring another person to the pinnacle of orgasmic pleasure, that's the very definition of romantic.

G: So your saying the fact that someone actually sacrificed their own personal time and energy to write this twisteded little story is because at heart they are really just a helpless romantic and not just a perverted geek with too much time on their hands?

X: I wouldn't go that far.


The End