By Klancy7 Fireside...

General Disclaimer:
The characters of Xena and Gabrielle are the property of Universal and Reniassance Pictures, Inc. I have no say over them whatsoever, but I�d mortgage my left kidney if they�d film this for me.

Specific Disclaimer:
This story is just a fantasy. It doesn�t attempt anything so literary as character or plot. If fantasies are fun for you, good... If naked women and bondage aren�t, then run, save yourself.


The blue of Xena�s eyes could glow like liquid sky, or pulse with the midnight murkiness of the deep sea. Gabrielle had witnessed -- and inspired -- every hue in between.

But she had never seen this particular shade silvering Xena�s eyes, her gaze so intense it could cut steel. The same sharpness had razored the warrior�s low voice to a husky growl.

"You have, now and forever, the power to stop this with one word." Xena took her hand from Gabrielle�s mouth. They stared at each other in silence, until the corner of Xena�s mouth lifted, mocking her.

Gabrielle felt her face flush with color.

Xena snarled the sheepskin blanket at Gabrielle�s throat in one hand, and started to pull it down. Gabrielle�s hand darted out, her cold fingers clutching Xena�s wrist. Xena paused, waiting. Gabrielle said nothing.

"You�ll have to speak." Xena�s eyebrow lifted. "If you struggle, I�ll simply -- stop you."

She pulled the blanket off of Gabrielle and dropped it to one side. The bard lay on her back, her hands sliding nervously down to her sides. Xena knelt over her, her gaze moving slowly down the length of her body. Gabrielle felt her flesh prickle in the cool night air.

Neither of them had undressed for bed. Xena was still in the simple brown shift she slept in, and Gabrielle wore her worn green top and cloth skirt. But Xena had made preparations. Now she reached over Gabrielle�s head and lifted the ends of a long leather thong. Gabrielle didn�t dare move, but out of the corner of her eye, she could see that the thin strip encircled the tree at her head -- and looking down, she saw another thong, around a stump near her feet.

Xena worked quickly and methodically. She drew Gabrielle�s left hand over her head, and secured her wrist in a loop made at the thong�s end. She pulled the other end tight, and then lifted the bard�s right hand and tied it firmly. Gabrielle�s arms were stretched tightly, her breasts lifting as her back arched.

The warrior rose from her crouch and went to Gabrielle�s feet. She knelt and tied her left ankle to the thong, and then lifted her right. She pulled her foot toward the other thong, and Gabrielle lost her nerve -- the muscles of her leg tightened in protest. Xena shot her a look that chilled her blood, and she forced herself to relax. Xena yanked her legs wider apart, then tied her ankles securely in place.

The dark woman stood and looked down at her lover, stretched taut and helpless on the grass. Gabrielle watched the moon shine down over Xena�s shoulder, illuminating her body. Xena said nothing. She went to the fire nearby and began feeding it, tossing in dry wood until the flames rose to a furious crackle. Gabrielle felt a faint warmth wash over her -- and a golden light that flooded the scene of her captivity.

When Xena returned to her she was carrying her dagger, and Gabrielle closed her eyes. She felt Xena lift one foot over her, and then her familiar heat settling on her as she straddled her waist. There was silence for a long moment.

"Watch me."

Gabrielle didn�t move. Then she felt a cold finger of steel slide over the cloth covering her breasts. She made herself open her eyes.

Xena�s hair was tumbling wild, dark tendrils framing the cruelly sharp planes of her face. The fierce light in her eyes banked slightly. She ran the dull edge of the blade from Gabrielle�s navel upward, watching the skin quake beneath her touch. She inserted the tip of the dagger beneath the edge of the green halter. There was a purring of parting cloth as the blade cut upward, shearing the garment in half. Xena stuck the dagger into the ground, close by Gabrielle�s bound arm. She put her hands over Gabrielles breasts and yanked.

The worn cloth was torn and pulled wide. The bard�s firm breasts were exposed, bouncing slightly from the force Xena used. They were full globes, large but taut, growing pink beneath Xena�s rapt gaze. The blue eyes flicked upward only briefly, to make sure Gabrielle was watching. The nipples rose and hardened, pebbling as a light trembling shook her.

Xena stood abruptly and crouched beneath Gabrielle�s wide-spread legs. She grasped the belt of her skirt in both hands and pulled, a snarl issuing from her. Gabrielle�s hips rocked as the fabric was ripped free, baring her completely. The girl froze, stunned at the sudden violence, the muscles of her thighs tightening.

Xena stared down at the juncture between Gabrielle�s legs. It was impossible to avoid her piercing eyes -- the bard�s legs were spread so wide her vagina was completely exposed. Gabrielle�s buttocks tightened convulsively as she tried to close her legs. Even knowing her ankles were tightly bound, she couldn�t resist the raging need to try to hide herself from those ravening eyes.

Xena snatched the woolskin from the ground, and folded it carefully. Then she wedged it beneath Gabrielle, jerking it into place. The blanket formed a thick cushion beneath Gabrielle�s shoulders and hips. Her head was lowered and her breasts jut more highly into the air. Her knees were lower than her hips, and her mound was thrust forward, quivering and open in the cool air.

Xena rose, and stood looking down at the bard. She stared at her for a long moment, nudging her harshly with her foot once, when Gabrielle turned her head away. Gabrielle opened her eyes and turned back, watching Xena�s gaze sweep very slowly over her bound form again, lingering on her exposed breasts and cunt.

Time slowed. Xena strolled around the camp, to stare at Gabrielle from different locations. She allowed her to feel a forest of eyes falling on her, surrounding her. Then she crouched very close to Gabrielle, her knees almost touching the bard�s bare waist.

"Dance for me," she whispered.

Gabrielle couldn�t do it. She could not. Her fingers twined hard in the leather thongs binding them, her eyes squeezing shut.

"Gabrielle." Xena�s voice was dangerously soft. She lay the dagger across Gabrielle�s mound, watching it wobble back and forth over the rise, the metal cold against the light tuft of hair.

Gabrielle made a strangled noise in her throat and began moving. Her slow twist was an instinctive response to her lover�s demand, knowing what Xena wanted. She wanted Gabrielle exposed, spread wide and vulnerable and glistening before her. Gabrielle tried to control her breathing as she bulged her breasts higher, raised her exposed cunt and lowered it again.

Xena�s eyes went dead. She felt that sheen cover them, the screen that she hid behind whenever this brand of lust took her. She crouched near Gabrielle, but not so near that she couldn�t see all of her body.

The moon moved in the sky as the warrior sat motionless, watching the bound young woman twist and writhe slowly on the grass. Xena didn�t protest when Gabrielle�s eyes closed in shame, releasing tears down her cheeks. The effect was everything she�d hoped for.

Gabrielle began to sob, and of course tried to suppress them, causing her breasts to jiggle and jerk as she struggled.

Part 2

The firelight danced redly over Gabrielle�s spread-eagled, slowly writhing body. She was covered with a fine sheen of sweat now, which made her naked breasts glisten. Xena listened to her light panting, her face impassive. She reached above her and plucked two clawnuts from an overhead branch, cracking them and eating the tender meat without taking her gaze from Gabrielle�s twisting form. Xena tossed the empty, hinged shells idly in her open hand as she walked to the bard. She stood over Gabrielle, who forced her eyes open. Xena�s were filled with that silver light again, and Gabrielle shuddered convulsively. Xena watched the tremor grip the young woman�s large breasts, and she smiled as she followed her gaze.

"You know how to torture me with these, girl." Xena lifted a foot and stood straddling Gabrielle�s nude body. "You cut your blouse low and tie it tightly, so your breasts swell, straining to jut over the cloth concealing them." She dropped to one knee suddenly, and Gabrielle flinched hard.

Xena extended one hand over Gabrielle�s right nipple, her palm extended and flat. She let its center hover just above Gabrielle�s engorged nipple, until Gabrielle�s panting made its sensitive tip whisper against the rough surface. The bard tried to gasp in a breath to lower her breast, but her movement just forced her nipple firmly against Xena�s palm. Xena lifted her hand, derision in her smile. "No, little girl, I don�t want to pet you. I�ve had enough of our platonic little pats. And we both know you crave a rougher touch."

Gabrielle summoned her waning reserves of strength, and kept her eyes locked on Xena�s. She held her gaze, even when Xena grasped her right breast in her hand and pinched it cruelly, making the nipple bulge. But when Xena fit the clawnut shell around her throbbing nipple, Gabrielle struggled in earnest. She whipped her shoulders from side to side, her left breast slapping wetly against Xena�s wrist.

Not that her resistance helped. Gabrielle's eyes widened as Xena�s fingers flexed, and a sharp pinch crackled erotically through her nipple. Gabrielle ground the back of her head into the grass and clenched her eyes shut, knowing her breasts heaved helplessly with her gasping breath. Xena was taking her time with the second clawnut shell, scraping it�s open edge across Gabrielle�s left nipple before tightening it over the enflamed bud. Gabrielle muffled a scream, the cords in her neck standing out. The dance Gabrielle had been forced to perform earlier was arousing in its restraint. Now, caught in the throes of this brief erotic torment, Gabrielle lost that control. Her body shook, twice, her breasts surging. But that was all -- she didn�t cry out, and a moment later she lay quietly again, staring at the leaves above her, trying to slow her breathing. The pain of the pinching shells was receeding, leaving an omnious carnal pulse.

Xena watched Gabrielle regain her composure with mixed regret and satisfaction. The bard�s body was rosy in the fire�s glow, shadows flickering across the sculpted planes of her stomach. Her thick honey-red hair lay in tousled heaps around her flushed face, her hairline damp. The leather thongs binding her wrists and ankles stretched them wide, and the cushion beneath her swelled her breasts and crotch into breath-catching prominence.

But her face was calmer, even serene. Xena felt the contrast between Gabrielle�s inherent dignity and womanliness and her naked vulnerability hit her in the gut like a fist. She masked her features, and felt the cold implacability settle across her eyes like a shroud as she looked down on Gabrielle�s pale face. The beautiful green eyes were shuttered now, wide and watchful, but with all emotion carefully concealed. Xena felt the familiar, loved thrumming of aggression through her blood as she recognized her opponent.

Gabrielle could resist her all night. Xena knew she could over-power her in a heartbeat, but there would be no conquest in that. It was Gabrielle�s will, her beautiful stubbornness, that Xena must subdue if she was to win. And that meant making her lose control. The warrior knelt abruptly in the V of Gabrielle�s wide-spread legs. "The night�s wasting. I want a good look at that cunt."

Gabrielle gasped in spite of herself, and her eyes widened as Xena bent over her. The dark woman placed her hands on Gabrielle�s inner thighs and pushed, opening her vagina slightly. She peered intently, her blue eyes sharply focused, all but giving off heat. Gabrielle clenched her teeth and lowered her head, but jerked her eyes open again at Xena�s cruel pinch of her thigh. She�s going to make me watch all of it, Gabrielle thought numbly. She made herself lie still. The crackling bonfire was the only sound as Xena stared openly at Gabrielle�s exposed cunt. Finally she looked at Gabrielle, and licked her lips.

"Jut that pretty little snatch up here, darlin." Just do it, Gabrielle thought. Don�t think about it. Do it. She clenched her muscles and jerked her hips high, raising her hairy mound until it hung, quivering, below Xena�s chin. Xena�s gaze crawled up the oozing crack of her outer lips, then sought Gabrielle�s motionless face. "I�m going to chew your cunt until you scream, little slut."

Xena�s face sank against Gabrielle�s open vagina. The flat of her tongue batted against, and then between, the fleshy outer lips, and then forged deep into the wet folds. Gabrielle�s hips bucked up instinctively, her gaze frozen on Xena�s twisting head. Xena reached under her and clutched her buttocks in her hands, then pulled her hips up to allow her tongue to grind more deeply into her. She began snarling obscenities into her cunt that were only half-sensible, but they reached Gabrielle even over her gasps.

Gabrielle knew she was in trouble. The heat was a rolling ball spinning from Xena�s tongue throughout her inner reaches, and it took all her will to resist. She held the winning strike in this fray, but she couldn�t use it -- to ask Xena to stop would mean defeat. It wouldn�t have, to the callow young woman who crept out of Potadia a dozen seasons ago to follow a dark warrior. But that Gabrielle had grown, toughened, built a wire-like strength of her own through long and hard practice. Calling for an end to this would mean Xena�s triumph, and this Gabrielle couldn�t allow her such a quick and easy conquest.

Xena�s head surged up and down between Gabrielle�s legs, her face pivoting smoothly between her wide-spread thighs, her tongue probing, stabbing, digging. The fire snapped, impervious, as it went on, seemingly half a night, and Gabrielle felt her fierce control ebbing. Xena timed her lover well. She waited for her moment, and then sucked the girl�s clit in between her teeth again. And then sucked, hard. The heat plumed between Xena�s lips and then, inevitably, exploded from the tip of Gabrielle�s clit. The bard�s hips jerked hard, convulsing, as delirious pleasure surged through her crotch. Xena hung on, chewing, until the convulsing legs pinned beneath her hands sagged and were still. Xena heard the soft sobbing begin.

She lowered Gabrielle�s hips to the ground and sat up, wiping her mouth contemptuously on her forearm. Gabrielle kept her tear-filled eyes on Xena�s face through an act of will, because she knew she�d be slapped into doing it anyway. It was over. Xena�s victory, tonight, but at least it was over for now.

"You can�t believe, my friend," Xena panted, a little winded herself, "that I would allow either of us such a quick and easy conquest."

She reached to one side, and picked up the leather bullwhip that lay coiled nearby.

Part 3

She ran the warmth of the leather through her hands, a snake sinuous with power. The whip was old, loved, and as well-tended as all her weapons. But miscast, really, for the night. The bard wasn�t a candidate for the bullwhip, not yet. Luckily, the lash had many skills.

She was comfortable enough, sitting on the ground beside the bound young woman, an elbow lazily pressing into her flat stomach. Gabrielle hadn�t looked at her since the stars came out in full, lending their cold light to the woodland shrine. She kept her eyes on them, even when Xena shifted again, to stare down at the oozing of her open cunt long enough to generate uncomfortable heat in her clit. She flinched only when the warrior snatched the clawnut shells from her nipples and cast them aside, leaving her sensitive buds swollen and throbbing in the night air.

Gabrielle started, hard, and her gaze jerked to her raised mound, soft with hair, as Xena slapped her hand down over its swell. She slid her palm upward, forcing the young woman�s nether lips together, and her moisture spurted down the parting between her asscheeks. Still silent, the warrior pressed the circle of coiled leather into the crack of her cunt and rubbed it in, smearing her juices into the cracked leather. Gabrielle�s hips bucked up instinctively as the rasping leather touched her clit in it�s grinding passage.

Then the warrior straightened abruptly and dropped the coiled whip across Gabrielle�s exposed crotch. She drew a small knife from her belt and the blade whispered through the four lengths of cord binding her wrists and ankles. Gabrielle reacted immediately, lunging onto her right side, away from Xena, her knees snapping shut and jerking up toward her belly, clamping shut on her throbbing sex. She was hidden again, at least in her self.

�Get up.�

Gabrielle made no movement, which she knew to be a mistake even before the iced iron grip closed around her upper arm. She was yanked to her feet, but her knees buckled -- that first, scathing climax had weakened her, and it would take precious seconds for the circulation to return to her limbs.

It was time she wasn�t given. Xena pulled her toward a small aspen near the center of their enclosure, on the other side of the snapping bonfire. Gabrielle clung to it, panting, as the dark woman tied one end of the whip around the tree�s slender trunk.

�Face me.�

Xena bent and snaked the handle of the whip between Gabrielle�s ankles, then stood, stringing the strip of leather through her legs. She backed up a step, then two, watching the whip rise up toward the tight V of Gabrielle�s cunt. She could relish her lover�s disbelieving stare without seeing it.

�Spread your legs.�

The leather tickled the wet hairs between the lips of her vagina, and with another gentle tug surged between them, sliding slickly over the greased surfaces within. Gabrielle clenched her eyes shut and lifted her chin, determined not to react to the erotic crackling that suffused her loins.

�Your breasts are cold, Gabrielle.� Xena�s low voice was at it�s deadliest growl. �Cover them with your hands.�

Gabrielle�s glare was not quite insolence, but it came close. Xena let her keep her defiance, for now. Her hands came up and covered the tips of her naked breasts, the graceful fingers spreading to hide as much of them as possible.

�Rub them.�

Again, the bard obeyed without hesitation. If she offered the detached docility of a sleepwalker, at least it would be over sooner. She began to knead her breasts, the v of her throat appearing with her indrawn breath. Her green eyes looked at Xena with a serenity that was almost mockery. Her palms created friction against her sensitive nipples, but she didn�t dare stop.

�There was a dungeon at Chin. If they had granted me a last request, before trying to cleave my skull, it would have been to have you stripped and taken there.� Xena began to move the whip, tipping her hand gently back and forth, letting Gabrielle feel it�s subtle shifting.

�I�d have filled the room with soldiers to watch me strip you and lace your ankles in chains. I�d throw you to the floor and then work the chain rack, pulling you closer to it, then raising your ankles and legs. You�d be inverted, head down, your dangling fingers brushing the floor. Your chained ankles would be spread wide, so wide, your dripping cunt beneath my chin. Pinch your nipples, please, very hard.�

Gabrielle�s eyes had filled again with those damnable tears as she listened, as the leather stroking back and forth across the opening to her vagina. She gripped both nipples between thumbs and first fingers and tightened her grip -- a cold, hard squeeze. The white, flushed tips of her breasts swelled around her clenched hands.

�I�d blow across the crack of your cunt, and the watching men would laugh at your struggles. The tip of my tongue would brush over the raised tendons on either side of your seeping twat. The nipples on your large breasts swell and pulse as their firmness bobs toward your chin. Hands behind you, little slut, shake those tits for me.�

A sob escaped the bard as she obeyed, clasping her elbows behind her back and jerking her shoulders back and forth, making her sweat-sheened breasts jiggle.

The whip began a torrid sawing, vibrating in Xena�s clenched fist in a small, repetitive arc that sent the warm leather rasping and scraping against the young woman�s turgid clit. Gabrielle�s knees buckled and she dropped an inch, driving the jerking whip deeper against her before she could regain her stance.

�Give the word, Gabrielle.�

Xena�s hand slowed and stopped, and the bard almost collapsed again at the excruciating stillness. The tears rolled unnoticed down her face as she lifted it toward the warrior. The full lips trembled, but finally parted.

�F-fuck me,� she whispered.

Xena smiled. She sawed the whip viciously into Gabrielle�s snatch, and she screamed, a breathless, despairing cry. She jutted her hips toward Xena, again and again as orgasm crashed shamefully through her, the whip grinding and roiling her into delirious pleasure.

It went on. Xena watched her lover�s naked body jerk and convulse, a slow smile lifting one corner of her mouth. The night was young.

----- End -----