Website Idea - Unre$tricted Sports

Summary - I aim for this site to be a place of research and tracking. It will contain sports scores along with the matchups of the day and the previews, odss, and more. Ultimately I want this to be a place for people to trust and go to when they want to understand sports and betting.

Content - This site will contain sports news, coverage, and action. I will get the content from all over the place ESPN,, actionetwork, etc...

Competition - Action Network: This is probably the #1 model for what I envision the site to look like this site has so many pros because they have a calculator tab with almost every sport available to research. It shows odds and has professional picks. It gives resources and more, but it is missing some things that I would do different. I do not like how it does not live track players and team scores, along with injury reports and covid related news for teams. I would ensure myself to include this.

Purpose - I think users should care if they simply enjoy sports, if not then they would not be the primary audience. A site should be built for this because the average person doesn't take time to do their research but I want this site to encourage them to.

Desired Results - I would like users to use my site as an every day tool for their research and sports score tracking. The goal is to simply provide a research tool for those who want to know about their sports picks, teams and results.

Target Audience - A very brief summary of my target audience is primarily anyone 21+. After that it would focus on sports bettors and then dwindle down to those who use my website to track scores. For example, the primary target audience will start with any state that allows legal sports betting which is 30 states approximately and 18 states that allow online sports betting. Obviously we are going to target anyone 21+ and maybe even 18+ depending on ones state laws. The demographic is very wide so it really does not play into our target audience.